Internet Sweepstakes Today And Yesterday

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Sweepstakes today are far different from games of the past, although they seem to always have existed.

Long before we had Internet sweepstakes, gambling, staking and games of chance were enjoyable pastimes for thousands of years. They seem to exist in every single culture in some form of another, and the enjoyment of games of chance may actually be hard-wired into our DNA. In the past, even the cavemen may have liked to win a contest.

Sweepstakes today

(Far different from the past)

For decades, the only way sweepers could enter contests was by snail mail, filling out forms at business locations holding contests or entering tickets for their church raffles. Modern times ushered in, giving us  contests and sweepstakes today with government rules protecting us all. These regulations make them more lucrative and worry free for those who like to enter.

sweepstakes today

Ancient Gambling

Because contests sweepstakes today are watched by the government and free to enter, they have grown tremendously in popularity and sheer volume. The prizes are as varied as their sponsors, and sweepstakes today offer the chance to win cars, trips, food coupons, gift cards… even sex toys. It’s all free and legal, so enter for what you like.

Sweepstakes today

(The recent history)

In 2001, there was a popular book written about a woman who made a living in the 1950s to 1960s from entering contests. Evelyn Ryan supported herself, an alcoholic husband and 10 children with contesting, and was the subject of the book “The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio,” written by Terry “Tuff” Ryan, her daughter. As a plucky, enterprising stay at home mom who won amazing contest prizes using her natural writing talent, Evelyn wrote jingles, rhymes and other types of advertising copy on behalf of sponsors who awarded her an assortment of prizes, including cash, merchandise and trips. The book was adapted into a movie starring Julianne Moore. If she were entering sweepstakes today, Evelyn Ryan would likely enjoy entering essay contests.

Evelyn Ryan would be a power sweepstaker if she were alive today, as there are even more opportunities to enter. Internet sweepstakes changed everything about entering sweepstakes today, spreading the hobby far and wide. Nowadays hundreds of thousands of people enjoy this pastime and profit from it because they can enter hundreds of contests a day if they like, and they can do it all without paying for postage.

Sweepstakes Today

(A great hobby for all)

Now that the field of entering is wide open to all, the possibilities to win competitions and sweepstakes are endless for those willing to gamble with a little of their time. For those who specialize in entering skill contests it is time well spent — those who try to win a contest report they win more than others who don’t.This is because contests are games of skill, and they made more efforts towards winning than most people are willing to do when trying to win competitions.

Everybody who decides to win sweepstakes today sweepstakes should develop their own style of entering, as they do it according to their talents and interests. There’s nothing wrong with passing up contests that don’t interest you if you feel you can win another type of contest.

Some people complain they have no luck and ask how they can win sweepstakes 2011.

Luck is a component, but a small one. Prayer, rubbing the Buddha’s belly and sacrificing a chicken as the ancients did is probably not going to help either. The best way to win a sweepstakes today is to enter a lot, as the odds are with you once you have cast a wide net.

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  1. Carolyn Barnett says:

    Where are the sweepstakes and the Instant win Contest at?

    • admin says:

      Hi, You have to visit listing sites for that. I recommend Come here to learn how to win. Good luck.

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