Winning Kids Photo Contests And Sweepstakes

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All children are beautiful to their parents, and many parents are inclined to enter their child in kids photo contests. This is a fun way for parents of small children to win a giveaway, and there are lots of opportunities around to win cash and prizes if you have cute kids.

kids photo contests

Kids photo contests

Kids photo contests have been around for as long as newspapers existed, and you will still find many local papers running them. Internet sweepstakes and contests are a new way for proud parents to enter their child. The Cute Kid Contest is popular with parents because of the $2,500 cash prize. They also tend to run it continuously. They recently had a winner, and their sweepstakes today is taking more entrants.

Judging Photo Contests

Kids photo contests are really about increasing circulation and interest among newspapers and websites, so you will usually find that they are judging contests among the public.

There are two basic kinds of judging contests: Those judged by the private judges conducting the contest administration, and judged by public vote. Child photo contests are the second kind, as they are trying to bring traffic and new customers to the sponsors. You will generally find more than one sponsor for kids photo contests — companies selling baby furniture, baby food and baby clothing often participate by donating cash and prizes to the competition. They hope to create brand awareness by being a sponsor, and a bring-out-the-vote effort accomplishes this very well. Moms and grandmas round up their friends and get the votes out for the kids, so you need a wide social circle to win a giveaway of this type.

How to Win Kids Photo Contests

If your kid’s photo is competing in an Internet sweepstakes, you would need votes from the general public, in addition to friends and relatives, to win the prize. It is important of course to have an attractive child and a decent photo, yet there are ways to make the photo more appealing. A setting which shows off the child’s engaging personality is more of a winner than a generic photo of a cute child.

Suggested themes: Birthday parties and pics of blowing out candles or eating cake, playing with a puppy and anything situation which would make your child laugh is a good way to get the votes.

Once in a while, media companies are used by media companies to find new faces for their advertising campaigns, so there are opportunities around that extend past the child photo contests.

Regular photography contests tend to be judged very often by professional judges in the photography field. Other times, they are judged by a public vote. Your entry may compete against amateur photographers and some pros, and public voting may not necessarily count towards a winning photograph. Photo contests tend to be contests for money less often than kids photo contests. The prizes you see in photography contests for the mainstream photographer tend to lean towards photography equipment and high-end cameras such as Nikon.

Talented amateur and professional photographers enter their best work in photo contests, and often use specialty lenses and effects to get votes. If you have skills in this area — use it and enter your work.

As with all sweepstakes, contests and giveaways, the odds are far better when you have to make a creative contribution to enter, as opposed to winning games of chance.

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