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If you aren’t using a points search engine like PCH Search and Win to receive easy and free merchandise and cash, you should be.

Many people every day navigate to Instant Win Sweepstakes using one of the prizes for search engines, looking for information on sweepstakes and contests. These experienced people also know how easy and lucrative it can be to receive points for searches, or to qualify for a daily instant win prize by conducting a simple web search.

This site has discussed entering, running and winning sweepstakes and contests at length. We all know that giveaways and contests are great, yet the wins are inconsistent and it usually requires a great deal of effort to maintain a decent volume of wins.

Search and win engines make it far easier to win stuff by just by doing normal searches. These sites (and those with tool bars you can install onto your browser) will reward you with points that you can trade in for cash, merchandise, or just trade them in to enter large sweepstakes. Other sites sites offer an instant win functionality, with an online graphic game.

PCH Search And Win is one of the most popular instant win search engines. It’s a segment of the company that sponsors the well-publicized giveaways you see on TV and in your mailbox: the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, also called the Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. The PCH Clearinghouse search engine shows the prize winner a winning announcement screen after he or she has conducted a winning search.

PCH search and win

Go win something!

There are several reputable companies like PCH Search And Win, and you need to choose the one that works best for you.

My favorite search and win site, hands-down, is SwagBucks, and I have received hundreds of dollars’ worth of great merchandise for searching with them. I got Amazon, Target, Travelocity and Wal-Mart shopping credits. Points for search engines have been growing in popularity as people discover they can receive free merchandise for merely doing normal web searches they would do anyway.

To get you started on winning for searching, here are some popular sites that you can join:

SwagBucks, my absolute favorite because of the wide variety of merchandise you can trade your points in for prizes. And it’s so easy to win them. SwagBucks also offers high quality search results, using Google and results. I find that I am winning constantly using this site’s tool bar, making it easier to rack up thousands of points. Even better, there is a refer a friend feature that awards you points for your friends playing the games, too.

iRazoo is a newbie in this area, and I haven’t used them much at all. They have a decent prize catalog, with electronics and a few gift cards. There is also a refer a friend feature, which works for me!

I used to use Blingo a lot, and won movie tickets quite a few times from them. I played there before they were bought out by PCH, and their homepage is now a kind of hybrid site with both of the companies’ names. Blingo is a decent search engine that utilizes Yahoo! and Bingo for their results. You can conduct up to 25 searches a day to win something.

PCH Search And Win offers the same prizes as Blingo. Even though Blingo is owned by them, your membership credentials doesn’t appear to be shared by both sites, so you will need to join each site separately. Each search enters you to win $10M from Publishers Clearing House, and there is an instant win feature. This sites use the MSN Live, Google, Yahoo and Ask search engines. As of press time, PCH Search and Win does not have a refer a friend feature.

These search engines tend to come and go. Observing them for the past few years, Swagbucks and PCH Search and Win/PCH Clearinghouse seems to be the most durable of the lot. It’s up to you to decide which work best for your needs. Whichever company you decide to use, don’t waste your searches. Use them to advance your sweepstakes and giveaways wins.

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  1. i have searh and searched to win a prize by using pchsearchandwin.i have typed in severial different wed searches.and i haven’t won anthing yet.

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