Blogs And Company Giveaways

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Lots of people who run a business are learning that blogs and company giveaways go well together. Bringing traffic to product websites, and familiarizing customers with their products are challenges  companies, especially new ones.

Advertising through blogs, in the form of giving away products they are selling, is an economical way to advertise. This is because the sponsors of the company giveaway generally donates a prize in the form of their merchandise they send to the winner. The merchant sponsors of the company giveaways is also responsible for shipping of the prizes at their expense.

Company Giveaways

(Blogs and contests)

The sponsoring business may opt to contact websites, also known as “mommy blogs” in this niche and offer to sponsor a product through them. These sites are oftentimes run by stay at home moms who enjoy the fun and challenge of running a website. At times, sponsors of company giveaways may be directly contacted by the site owner about running a contest. In this case, the sponsor should inspect the site carefully, and see how previous contests were run. Blog site owners in this vertical tend to run sweepstakes and contests continuously.

Products targeted to motherhood are very popular: Designer toys and accessories for children; strollers, diaper bags and giftware are often seen being promoted. Gift cards, jewelry and gift cards are also popular.

Anything and everything being sold to the mainstream consumer is acceptable for company giveaways at blogs. One needs to only Google the topic to see the variety of merchandise being offered and the large number of sites participating.

Company Giveaways

(Other outlets)

Just because small contesting blogs are being run by moms at home, this doesn’t mean they are being run unprofessionally. These women run company giveaways multiple times, for multiple sponsors, and they know what they’re doing.

Many of them join websites that exist to match website owners with businesses hoping to run a giveaway. SocialSpark, The Product Review Place and SheBlogs are major companies operating blog/business matching services. My Blog Spark is a matching service that tends to work with very large sponsors offering prize packs to both the site owner and the winner of the company giveaway.

Company Giveaways

(How they’re run)

Generally, these contest are run by the site owners to bring site traffic, get Facebook followers, Twitter followers, harvest emails and enjoy the free merchandise they sometimes get for themselves.

Typically, a visitor enters the contest by posting a comment at the blog. The site owner and sponsor may demand the visitor post the link to a product at the sponsor’s site they liked, and then comment on it.

company giveaways

Company giveaways

Blog contests tend to have multiple entry opportunities for visitors: Post a comment, subscribe to the newsletter, tweet and follow the blog at Twitter, follow my blog at Facebook, etc. The more entries accumulated, the better odds to win, of course.

Entering company giveaways at blogs takes a bit more effort on the part of the entrants, but they know the odds are better — making them very popular.

Company giveaways in conjunction with mom blogs offer some of the best odds when entering sweepstakes and contests, and those who make the effort to enter them report they win regularly. All of those entries made from different places can make it difficult to track who entered where. Fortunately, tracking software like Contest Burner makes counting entries a lot easier, and so owners of blogs use it to run their giveaways.

Running a sweepstakes or contest at one of them may be a good match for you and your business. Try it if you’re wondering how to draw customers to your business and build your newsletter.

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