Family Vacation Sweepstakes

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It’s great winning a family vacation sweepstakes and working with marketing companies that help you book a trip win for yourself and the kids. While the majority of vacation giveaways are intended for two people, many sponsors of food sweepstakes and Disney, Inc. run family vacation sweepstakes.

Popular destinations for free vacation sweepstakes targeted to families includes Walt Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida, Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Washington, DC and even Las Vegas. Many hotel resorts in Vegas have entertainment and attractions targeted to families with children. The Disney company runs their Disney Cruise Line, popular cruises that go to popular destinations, such as Alaska, the Caribbean and Mexico. Very often you will see family vacation promotional sweepstakes sponsored by them for two adults and two minor children.

As stated above, the majority of the trip giveaways are for two people, and occasionally you will see a trip sweepstakes for just one person. (Trip contests for one person are usually for individual wellness and fitness seminars and destinations.)

If you are a parent of young children, a trip for two could present a problem, and you may be wondering how you can turn your trip win into a getaway for the whole family. Luckily for you, sweepstakes companies, also known as judging agencies, are often flexible and eager to work with winners in order to give them the trip win they really want to take.

family vacation

Family vacations

This means you would likely be given a group of options that can turn your trip for two into a family vacation. The sweepstake company may offer a cheaper room for four in exchange for two rooms (one for you, one for the kids). If you have some money to spend to make your trip win a complete family vacation, you could also arrange with the sweepstakes company to book your room and flight for four, while paying for the extras yourself. The marketing company and sweepstakes companies would pay for only what you won, and you could cover the cost of bringing the children along.

This type of flexibility applies to many trip sweepstakes, but it may be more difficult arranging this kind of family vacation if it’s a sweepstakes trip win going to a honeymooners’ resort. Yes, there are sweepstakes and giveaways that are for couples getting married, or targeted to couples only. For this particular type of trip sweepstakes, you will see many destination wedding giveaways with a beach wedding for the engaged couple, accommodations for the guests, music, catering and airfare. Families with children don’t really fit into this type of trip giveaway.

Most other types of trip sweepstakes can be turned into a family vacation pretty easily, so just ask the marketing company if you’re the lucky winner of a trip win for two. As customer service professionals, they are eager and happy to accommodate you if it’s possible.

10 Responsesto “Family Vacation Sweepstakes”

  1. Lisa Townsend says:

    Hi my name is lisa family of five husband three kids we need a vaction we haven’t been on one in two years we just haven’t got the money my job just ended my husband works two jobs one part-time other just ended intill school starts back he is a bus driver we need this vaction my kids always wanted to go to walt dinsey world but we just don’t have the money.

  2. Lisa Townsend says:

    I needs a vacation my whole family does but no money to go on right i don’t have a job in till this august i’m a bus aid don’t pay much once a month same with husband

  3. Lisa Townsend says:

    I hope i win a family vacation

  4. admin says:

    You want to win a vacation? So do we all!

  5. Lisa Townsend says:

    how would you know if you won

  6. admin says:

    The people running it will tell you. You could get emailed (most likely), a phone call or even a special delivery envelope from Fedex.

  7. Lisa Townsend says:

    I can really use a trip me and my husband into it over money we had to pay our bills so now we are broke barley had enough money to buy food we will be ok i didn’t get a vacation last year no money need a vacation to get away get to spend time with my family maybe me and my husband forget about our problem for a few days

  8. Lisa Townsend says:

    PLease lets us when school starts back in august we still havn’t went any where we have no money to go help us out let me win

  9. Darlene O. says:

    Hi I have a lil 6 yr old princess , who I loce with all my heart. But unfortunately I haven’t been able to take her on a family trip ever. I hope we win . I know she would be very grateful as would I . Thank you 🙂

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