Giveaway Items Should Be Your Products

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If you’re a business owner or merchant looking to run a contest or sweepstakes, the best giveaway items are things or services you sell. I have seen many companies running business giveaways doing the opposite: Buying merchandise as a prize, when customers would be happy and willing to receive what the company actually produces.

Giving away your merchandise or service helps people who enter to win sweepstakes today the opportunity to become more familiar with you and your products, making business giveaways a great method of spreading the word. Giving away your own merchandise could also cost you less than shelling out hundreds of dollars for electronics prizes. Giveaway items can be varied to appeal to the largest number of people, but at least one of your prizes should be geared towards the business sponsoring the prize.

In case what you are selling is very expensive, there are alternatives ways to help reduce the impact of expensive giveaway items. For example, you could give away lesser value prizes, placing them on different prize levels. The highest value giveaway items can be the grand or first prizes.

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Various entry methods

Another good method to run sweepstakes today is what’s known as a “creative presentation” to those who enter to win competitions. This is an arrangement where a business offering giveaway items has partnered up with other businesses to share a prize pool. The smaller prizes can be your contribution, and the largest giveaway items or item can be paid for by yourself and other companies contributing to the total cost. Internet sweepstakes for magazine companies are often run like this, with individual magazines in a parent company giving away small prizes individually, with the giveaway items paid for by all. They are often the most impressive to people who enter to win, and the large cash prizes encourage lots of entries.

Another benefit to a creative presentation for business promotions is the single payment made to the judging agency, more commonly known as the company that runs the giveaways and contests. Their fees can be high, so dividing the cost among other sponsors eases the pain.

In the end, giving away the merchandise you sell and/or the services you provide is a great thing for you as a merchant. There is a lot of good karma from the public when they receive a prize, and they love to tell their friends about what they won, too.

You may be wondering which entry method is best for your business giveaways. Internet sweepstakes are the major outlet for business giveaway items, but there are other entry methods you could consider: Drop boxes, newspaper promotionals, and mail-ins are popular ways to spread the word about your sweepstakes today.

Customers who really want to win your giveaway items may wish to enter using multiple methods, so let them. You could give them the chance to do so by letting them enter using all these methods. It’s a bit more trouble for you, but you capture many more customers who may become interested in your products and services via your giveaway items.

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