Running Marketing Giveaways And Prize Fulfillment

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If you are a businessperson running marketing giveaways to increase your sales and create brand awareness, shipping the product to your contest winner may be something you are concerned about.

Those running marketing giveaways with deep pockets oftentimes hire contest administration professionals, also called judging agencies, which do this work for them. If you’re on your own running marketing giveaways, shipping is not that much of a hassle after all. Sweepstakes wins are shipped like any other products you ship to regular clients. Here is the usual method of sweepstakes prize fulfillment:

After tallying up your contest entries, manually or by using a specialty software like Contest Burner, your next job is to notify the winner of your sweepstakes, contest or giveaway. Notifications are generally conducted by email, although snail mail and telephone notifications are not unheard of. Don’t be surprised if your winners do not respond to your email. This is because many spam filters remove your notifications from users’ in boxes. Also, many people enter sweepstakes and contests using throwaway email addresses that go unchecked for a long time. Also, many people are skeptical about the win itself, figuring that most marketing giveaways are a scam. All of these factors will reduce the odds that the first winning name you draw will receive the prize.

marketing giveaways

Marketing Giveaways

After waiting 48 to 72 hours for a response from your winner, it’s fair to simply draw another name, or you can use the telephone or snail mail option to notify them. Best practice dictates that you put into the rules “You must respond within 48  hours (or whatever you like), or else another winner will be drawn.” Having rules are imperative, and they are legally binding for both you and the public. A clearly displayed rule set is necessary for all marketing giveaways because they protect both you and your business against a disgruntled person who did not respond on time to receive their prize. They also lay out in clear language who can enter your marketing giveaway and when it ends.

Sweepstakes administration companies deliver marketing giveaway prizes in the same manner that you would: They send via snail mail, FedEx and UPS. Once in a while, sponsors have winners picking up prizes at their office. This is an option if you are running marketing giveaways targeted to a local area. You will receive fewer entries, but the people that decide to enter your sweepstakes and contests will be more likely to convert into customers. They will be forced to visit your business place to receive their prize, and then they will sample your goods. Win-win for both of you.

Well-run marketing giveaways could serve as a great boost to your business, because they help create public awareness at a relatively low cost. Comparing marketing giveaways and sweepstakes to advertising on TV or in the local newspaper, and you will understand that sweepstakes and contests are very economical promotional tools.

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