Setting Up Company Giveaways

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A great way to promote your business to customers you have, and to prospective customers who don’t know you, is by running company giveaways. Everybody likes the fun and surprise of winning things, and company giveaways can be a great way to promote your merchandise and spread the good will.

One of the most vexing questions businesses have when setting up a sweepstakes is how many times should the public be allowed to enter. In order to guide newcomers on the fun and novelty of running their own sweepstakes and contests, here is a basic guide to the types of company giveaways they can run with an emphasis on frequency:

One time per person or household entry: This is quite self-explanatory, and limits the number of entries to fewer people. You would have to eliminate duplications you receive, from Internet or from paper ballots.

One time newsletter entry: This type of sweepstakes is simple for both you and the entrant. You ask for their email address and their permission to send newsletters promoting your products and services. Their continuing presence on the mailing list automatically enters them into your company giveaways.

Monthly giveaways: One entry per person or per household per month. This is a consistent newsletter winner.

Weekly sweepstakes: You can draw a weekly winner during a defined period or continuously.

Daily per person or household: Many people who enter online sweepstakes and contests have a list of their favorite daily sweepstakes. They make time in their daily schedule to enter them regularly, and this type of customer can be your most persistent visitor.

company giveaways

Company giveaways

A few businesses running company giveaways do not like visits or contest entries from people who enter sweepstakes and contests regularly, and call them “professional sweepers.” They fail to remember that people entering their contests are consumers as well as sweepstake hobbyists, and should be regarded as valuable clients. Those entering sweepstakes are savvy consumers who enjoy learning about new products and services. And their money is as green as the other customers’.

Unlimited entry sweepstakes: Company giveaways that are unlimited get lots and lots of entries. Customers will keep entering and visiting your site because they want to enter your sweepstakes some more. Businesses savvy in the ways of social media know they can promote their company giveaways by giving customers the motivation to promote it for them, and awarding them with more entries.

Unlimited Twitter tweets and Facebook likes are a couple of new ways to help your customers promote your company giveaways to their friends. The clutter of entries can be confusing, however. A software such as Contest Burner can help you run company giveaways and track all the entries your customers give you.

Odd entry company giveaways: Accepting entries per quarter or an odd amount per each period.

Which ever type of sweepstakes you choose, a company giveaway is a great way to create brand awareness with the public. Offering a sweepstakes to customers is a good marketing practice that many businesses can emulate. The staff of Instant Win Sweepstakes encourages you to try running one, and see how a contest can benefit your business.

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