Sweepstakes Administration And Your Giveaway

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Beginning sweepstakes administration is an important step for many people who run websites. Entering Internet sweepstakes is lots of fun, and sometimes those who have been entering for years begin running websites of their own. They often decide to run sweepstakes, giveaways and contests to create their own action. Sweepstakes, giveaways and contests, when run well, are known to increase site traffic and interest. And they popular because people just like them. It’s possible to get lots of good karma from running a giveaway because people often tell their friends about.

That’s how we do things at Instant Win Sweepstakes. And you may be surprised to learn that sweepstakes administration can actually be fun. After all, it is people-oriented, and your job is to give away free stuff.

Sweepstakes Administration

(Your tasks)

Your job in sweepstakes administration should you decide to run one is to decide what to give away first. Sometimes, if you are lucky, there may be a sponsor for the prize you are giving away. Other times, it may be necessary for the site’s sweepstakes administration to provide the giveaway prize by his or herself.

The next thing the sweepstakes administration needs to do is to decide who is eligible for the prize or prizes. Generally, sweepstakes are targeted to adults 18+, but some allow juveniles 13+ to enter to win. Limiting the giveaway to those in the US only is common, although many sweepstakes and contests allow entries from Canada also. A few giveaways allow those from all over the world to enter and win.

Sweepstakes Administration Outlets

Counting entries is one of the most difficult jobs if you”re running sweepstakes and contests. Because there are now so many outlets for running and entering sweepstakes, it can get very complicated.

Newsletter contests and entry forms have been around for ages, but things have gotten much more complicated. For example, just a few years ago, you never saw Facebook or Twitter sweepstakes, but now they’re all over the place.

sweepstakes administration

Giveaway software

If you are a sweepstakes administrator, you have to correctly count those entries made at your Twitter or Facebook fan page. You wouldn’t want to award a prize to the wrong person.

Sweepstakes Administration Software

The most complicated of all is a multi-entry situation, where you have a standard entry form, a newsletter entry method, a Twitter entry, a Facebook entry and even a blog entry.

Counting all of these entries can be very complicated, and you do want to give your followers, tweeters, friend referrers, Facebook “Likers” and visitors the entries they earned.

Fortunately, the complicated business of sweepstakes administration is made far easier by using Contest Burner, a software that tracks and calculates entries and makes the process of running a sweepstakes, contest or giveaway a cinch. It automatically register and calculate all the entries made by your fans and subscribers, and help you choose the winner. It has everything you need for sweepstakes administration: built in spam control, and even provides your entrants with a unique referral link.

Contest Burner is lots of fun to use, and very efficient. Those in charge of sweepstakes administration use it here at Instant Win Sweepstakes, and we like it a lot.

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