Working With Sweepstakes Companies

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If you’re running a business, and looking for more traffic and interest from consumers, it’s a good idea to consider working with sweepstakes companies to run a giveaway. Sweepstakes, contests and giveaways in general create a lot of excitement and interest among customers and merchants. Internet sweepstakes presents an opportunity to promote your company very economically — as opposed to paying for TV ads, recurring newspaper ads or online banner ads.

It isn’t always necessary to work with a sweepstakes company if you have the time and skill sets to run a sweepstakes yourself. You need to choose the prize or prizes to be awarded, create a page at your website for the contest (or buy newspaper space). And then there are the contest rules, the most critical part.

In most cases, the barrier for entry is adults 18+, although your giveaway can be open to all if it’s targeted to kids. You need to decide if it’s a one-time entry, or a daily, unlimited, etc. Then you have to program your website to accept entries, then tally them at the end. Duplicates need to be eliminated if it’s not an unlimited entry, and you need to choose the winner. You would be responsible for prize delivery if you are serving as the sweepstakes company.

Working With Professional sweepstakes companies

There are many sweepstakes companies in the field. Among the most well known and reliable sweepstakes companies are DL Blair, ePrize, Marden Kane and Ventura Associates.

Instant Win Sweepstakes are somewhat tougher to run because you need specialty software that runs on a timer to determine a winner on the spot. A non-timed giveaway is far easier for a novice to run by themselves using out-of-the-box software.

While it is definitely cheaper to run a sweepstakes yourself, working with professional sweepstakes companies can make it very easy for you. They set up a promotion page, make up giveaway rules, accept entries from various websites and methods (social media, et al), notify winners and distribute prizes. They also would maintain a winners’ list in case a non-winner requested it.

Hiring sweepstakes companies are the easiest way to get this done. With a little bit of gumption and a couple of new skill sets, you could probably run a sweepstakes by yourself.

sweepstakes companies

Sweepstakes companies

If you are willing and able to spend a bit of time running a sweepstakes of your own, you could save a few hundred to thousands of dollars doing a bit of hands-on work running your own DIY sweepstakes or contest.  Running a sweepstakes can be a complex business, because nowadays entries are accepted from so many different websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. A good software that coordinates entries, and tallies them up correctly, helps you become an efficient sweepstakes company.  Contest Burner is a software that keeps tabs on entries clearly and easily, so all entries made at all sources are accounted for.

Hiring sweepstakes companies may be your answer to a lack of time and skills as far as running a giveaway. Doing it yourself with Contest Burner could be the next best thing to leaving your company giveaway in the hands of sweepstakes companies.

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