Sweepstakes Management And Judging Agencies

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Sweepstakes management companies are often hired to run sweepstakes and contests. Their job, among other things, is run the competition and find the winner. Other companies often opt to run their giveaways themselves. This doesn’t change the odds; you can win competitions whoever runs them.

Sweepstakes Management

(Practical info if you’re a noob)

If you don’t know a term common to sweepstakers: “judging agency” you should know that term is interchangeable with sweepstakes management. It’s what we call the company that creates and runs a sweepstakes or contest for sponsors. The job of the judging agency is also to determine the winner and award the prize.

Sweepstakes management and judging agencies assist the sponsor with establishing the official rules, and often monitor the contest for entry fraud. If you have questions about the sweepstakes, or about your prize the judging agency will respond, as they provide their contact info for the duration of the contest and beyond. They oftentimes run multiple sweepstakes and contests at once with efficiency, as this is their job.

Sweepstakes Management

(The companies)

One very busy sweepstakes management agency that runs multiple giveaways and Internet sweepstakes for large companies is ePrize, which is located in Michigan. They run the Internet sweepstakes that you will see online requiring only your email address for entry, making them a popular sponsor with many sweepstakers. This sweepstakes management company is known to be slow to ship prizes, but the staff is friendly and considerate when answering questions. As a highly paid and professional sweepstakes management company, Instant Win Sweepstakes guarantees that you can count on them for courteous and friendly customer support.

Don Jagoda Associates and Marden Kane are two other well known sweepstakes management agencies that run occasional instant win sweepstakes, although I think more of contests are one time entry.

Sweepstakes Management

(Other types)

Sometimes you will find that even a few large companies serve as independent sweepstakes management and run their own sweepstakes and contests as well. An example of a large company running sweepstakes themselves is ESPN/Go.com/ABC/Disney, which runs so many contests so often they have a department and staff exclusively for their contests. Like the proprietary sweepstakes management companies, ESPN/Go is likewise professional and courteous.

For money savings and simplicity, many smaller companies choose to run contests and sweepstakes themselves. The person who contacts the winner to notify them of their status is very likely the site owner or a member of a very small internal staff. Blog entry contests and mom and pop operations would also be DIY contest runners.

sweepstakes management

Judging agencies

Some companies such as cooking sites and liquor brands run recipe contests, and will evaluate the creative entries themselves.

Here’s a tip you may not know: The smaller companies that run contests themselves ship prizes out faster. It makes sense because they’re not running multiple contests and the one they happen to be running is a very big deal to them. They also appreciate and acknowledge thank you letters, so it’s a good idea to send one to these small companies when you receive the prize they carefully shipped to you. Believe me, they love it when winners say thank you.

Judging agencies live up to their name, especially the “judging” part. Among the things above, it’s their job to judge contests if the entries are actually judged. They will review the recipes, the essays, the photos, etc. If it’s a contest for popular vote, the JA will tally the votes to determine the winner.

The sweepstakes management agency will also weed out entries that do not follow the correct entry protocol. If the rules state the sweepstakes allows one entry per household, and they find a second entry made from the same IP address, the judging agency will eliminate the second entry. In a few rare instances, a judging agency will disqualify multiple entries, but this is highly uncommon.

If you are the winner of a sweepstakes or contest, the judging agency will oftentimes send you a copy of the rules as an attachment to the email. Both sponsor and winner are expected to abide by the rules.

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