Sweepstakes Prize Fulfillment Services

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Contest management companies, also called prize fulfillment services, are hired by sponsors to operate giveaways and sweepstakes. Their job is set up, monitor and fulfill the prizes of the sweepstakes after they have determined who won. Smaller sponsors usually choose to run their giveaways themselves, and some large companies have an internal department that operates prize fulfillment services. Disney/ESPN/Go.com is an example. Just so that you know, prize fulfillment services running the sweepstakes does not alter the odds of winning.

Judging agency, sweepstakes administration, prize fulfillment services and contest management are interchangeable terms that mean the same thing. They are simply the people  and run sweepstakes and contests for sponsors, and make the exciting prize magic happen for you.

The prize fulfillment services partner with the sponsor to create the official rules, which is the basis of the competition. Their job is to monitor the competition for entry fraud while the sweepstakes is actually running, and when it ends. The judging agency is responsible to not only award the prize — they are in charge of managing the sweepstakes, and eliminating shady entries. As an example, it’s a sweepstakes that is a random draw, the sweepstakes administration would run a software program that automatically eliminates duplicate entries.

For those who have questions regarding the contest or about your win, the judging agency will respond on behalf of the sponsor. They provide their contact info during the course of the sweepstakes, and even after it is over. These people are professionals, and usually good at what they do. They are capable of running multiple sweepstakes and contests at the same time without any loss of efficiency.

One very busy sweepstakes administration service that runs multiple free gifts and Internet sweepstakes for the world’s biggest companies is ePrize, in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, with a staff of 250 worldwide. They run many of your favorite instant win sweepstakes that ask for only your current email address for entry. Like most contest fulfillment services, ePrize is well known to be slow to ship wins, however the staff is friendly and considerate when responding to questions. If you have any questions about the sweepstakes and contests they are running, you can expect a polite and professional response from them.

Don Jagoda Affiliates and Marden Kane are two other well-known judging agencies managing sweepstakes and contests. Once you have been playing the games for a while, these names will become familiar to you.

Sometimes you will notice that a couple of large companies function as independent contest management and run their very own contest and contests too. One particular large company running sweepstakes and contests themselves is the ABC/Disney network. Because of the sheer number of sweepstakes they run, it’s cost effective for them. They are just as professional and courteous as companies which specialize in prize fulfillment services.

prize fulfillment services

Prize fulfillment services

For the sake of simplicity and a small budget, many smaller players in this area run sweepstakes and contests themselves. The one who contacts the prize winner to let them know they won will probably be the website owner, or an internal staff member. Blog entry contests usually work this way.

Here is something you may not know: People running small sweepstakes and contests ship awards quicker, and will give you very personalized attention. They appreciate it when you say thanks, so if you’re dealing with somebody personally, it’s nice to express a little appreciation.

Hiring yourself for prize fulfillment services can be a lot of fun, but challenging. If you would like to run your own sweepstakes and contests without the help of a professional judging agency, Contest Burner makes it easy to track entries and pick a winner.

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