4 Tips to Keep Blog Giveaways From Spoiling Your Online Life

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Blog giveaways are great because your odds of winning are so much better than regular sweepstakes. The quality and variety of prizes has been improving as well. There’s more prizes of general interest available, and not as much targeted strictly to mothers.

As we well know, it’s important to like and follow the bloggers and sponsors when entering. Problem is, it spoils the fun when visiting Facebook and you’ve liked dozens of blog sites. Here are tips you can use to keep blog sweepstakes from spoiling your online life:

1. Entrants need to opt in to email newsletters, and sometimes this is mandatory. Set up an alternate email address at Gmail, Yahoo web mail or wherever you like. Never, ever give them your personal private email account because it will be ruined forever.

2. The volume of email you receive will be abundant, so be sure to set up email filters as outlined in the Profit From Sweepstakes ebook. This will neatly segregate your emails in folders that capture the email notifications, so it’s worth the small bit of time to set this up.

Tip: Don’t report these newsletters as spam if you legitimately signed up for the lists. Opting in means you asked to receive it, and it’s easy enough to unsubscribe.

3. Sign up for separate social media accounts for entering sweepstakes. Facebook is no longer fun when there’s dozens of updates from various blogs and sponsors. You’ll not see what your friends are sharing anymore. Open separate social media accounts strictly for sweepstakes entries. This way you’ll be able to keep up with your giveaways and your regular social media accounts.

4. Friend bloggers at your secondary social media account. They may not share your lifestyle or interests, so limiting contact to one account would keep people posting about boring stuff at “the other account.”

A little conscious management of your social media and email can keep your blogger buddies fun and contained, and it’s worth taking a little time to do this.

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