5 Tips To Winning Blog Sweepstakes

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The number of blog sweepstakes keeps growing exponentially. After all, it’s easy to set up a blog and start publishing. People start blogs to build a following, and running sweepstakes is a great way to do it.

Lots of people don’t like blog sweepstakes because of the time they take up and the amount of following you need to do to get the maximum amount of entries. If you’re one of those people who do like them… great! The odds of winning home blogger sweeps are pretty good. No, wait. They’re actually excellent.

Here are four tips to winning blog giveaways:

1. As you probably know already, it’s necessary to follow the bloggers and the sponsors to enter. Set up a separate Facebook, Twitter (and whatever else) account just for entering online blog contests. this will keep your regular feed from becoming jammed with updates from the bloggers.

2. Enter every day if you can. You could be given the option to vote at Picket Fences, or leave a comment, visit a secret word page, etc. It’s up the blogger whether to open the giveaway to daily entries. Most do like repeat visits to their site.

3. If you leave a comment, make it on topic and don’t leave a one or two word comment. That’s spam according to Google, and the blogger may just delete it. The point of the promotion is to tell visitors about the sponsor’s product, so showing a bit of interest is appreciated.

4. Be sure to use an email address that’s current, working and one you check. Bloggers don’t want to chase after you to get you to respond, and will simply move on to the next entrant if you don’t answer. Don’t you want to get your winning notices? Chasing after winners is a big hassle, so don’t be like that.

5. Enter exclusive giveaways and sweepstakes instead of the shared kind. Bloggers run sweepstakes together very often, and they share the code among many sites. Your best odds are for giveaways at one site only.

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