About The PCH Sweepstakes Clearinghouse

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There is a lot of confusion about who or what is the “sweepstakes clearinghouse.”  Sweepstakes clearinghouse, “clearinghouse sweepstakes” and “clearing house sweepstakes” are terms that are often used interchangeably.

The term sweepstakes clearinghouse generally refers to the well known magazine and household items reseller, Publishers Clearinghouse, or PCH. This company is located in Port Washington, NY, and they are very famous for good and bad reasons. Nevertheless, millions of people enter their Internet sweepstakes and their mail-in sweepstakes every year.

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse

(The story)

PCH has been a sweepstakes clearing house since 1967, when they first began running their mail-in sweepstakes. In the late 1980s PCH went for the dramatic, and began awarding the sweepstakes winners using live recorded video crews, called “the Prize Patrol.” The Patrol was a team of traveling PCH employees awarding prizes with video cameras, using balloons, champagne, flowers and a huge check with the winner’s name.

The point was to create dramatic moments from winners they would repeat on commercial TV and in their ads.

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse

(The scandal)

PCH clearinghouse sweepstakes really does award the big prizes they promise in their mailings, on TV and in their Internet sweepstakes. But the language they used in their ads was deemed deceptive by the state of Florida.

Many of their customers, especially the elderly, were not savvy enough to understand that there was no purchase required to enter the sweepstakes clearinghouse. Consequently, many people who bought magazine subscriptions believed they were winners. PCH was accused of deceptive practices, and of misrepresenting the chances of winning a prize in their ads.

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse

(The settlement)

PCH sweepstakes clearinghouse agreed with 23 states to pay an $18 million settlement without admitting any wrongdoing. They have since changed their promotional practices, by making it clear to consumers that no purchase is required to enter and win, and the odds of winning are no longer misrepresented in the eyes of the states.

sweepstakes clearinghouse

Lucky money cat

Before the dust-up, PCH sweepstakes clearing house was always a legitimate company which actually paid the prize money they promised. The deceptive language they used does not mean they were running illegitimate giveaways.

Lots of people have won PCH clearing house sweepstakes prizes, so don’t let the bad press discourage you from entering. You can definitely win, and you don’t need to purchase magazines or any of their other stuff to get the prize van visiting your house

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