Are Auto Sweepstakes Tough To Win?

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Auto sweepstakes are very popular with people who enter sweepstakes for the obvious reason that almost everyone needs a car. They are as popular, or even more so, than house giveaways. This makes car giveaways tough to win.

Auto Sweepstakes

(The main sponsors)

The world’s biggest car companies are the biggest sponsors of auto sweepstakes. Ford sweepstakes are the most commonly seen; their pickup trucks are often given away to businesses and other consumers. Ford sweepstakes for sports cars like Mustang sweepstakes are kind of rare, but you do see them. The Ford Fiesta is a popular car among the many Ford sweepstakes.

The second biggest sponsor of car giveaways is General Motors Corporation, and their lineup, including and especially the hybrid models.

Foreign car manufacturers occasionally run auto sweepstakes, and you may even see a company such as BMW running a sweepstakes for a year or two of a fancy car lease.

Auto Sweepstakes

(The other sponsors)

Aside from Ford sweepstakes and GM Corporation car giveaways, third party companies, such as those promoting green technologies occasionally sponsor auto sweepstakes. Unsurprisingly, the most popular models given away is the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle, as it has the best gas mileage of all popular car models. Other hybrid vehicles are occasionally given away, but the Prius is unquestionably the number one model for green technology auto giveaways.

Auto Sweepstakes

(How they have evolved)

It used to be that lots of cars were being given away over the year, but this has changed. The economic downturn of the past three years has been tough on the bottom line of the US car companies. To save themselves, they had to cut back on auto sweepstakes and other promotionals.

In the good old days, General Motors actually gave away hundreds of cars every year in a postal mail drawing. Such auto giveaways are now a fond memory for the hundreds who drove off in a new car from GM.

auto sweepstakes

Auto Sweepstakes

The most amazing car giveaways of all was a cool million being awarded to the winner by GM. It was meant to promote a new car in the lineup, and to enter you had to visit a dealership and take a picture of the car. Yes, somebody reported in that they actually won this and became a millionaire. Such stories are rare, but winning an enormous prize like this — without buying lottery tickets — is very possible.

There are less cars being given away than in the past, but there are still dozens of car giveaways that run every year. Remember, you need to enter a lot to improve the odds in your favor, and you may be one of the lucky few driving a new car off the lot.

The Instant Win Sweepstakes editors have been entering auto sweepstakes for years, in the vain effort to win a shiny new vehicle. It hasn’t happened to any of us, but it may happen to you with a bit of luck and lots of effort.

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