Business Giveaways For The Trade And You

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Business giveaways are great if you’re employed or own a business in a specific niche. Corporate promotional items are being given away all the time, and if you fit the profile you may get lucky indeed.

Business Giveaways

(If you’re employed in a trade)

If you enter sweepstakes at a sweepstakes site, you will see business giveaways being run by companies that are targeting the giveaway to the trade. Auto repair shops, contracting companies and even hairdressers are the kinds of tradespeople that are marketed to with marketing products in their niche or regular sweepstakes prizes. You could even see trips being targeted to nurses only, or trips limited to dentists. Medical supply companies and trade magazines tend to run business giveaways, and they tend to be very lucrative.

business giveaways

Trade show giveaways

If you have a business, or are employed in an industry being targeted, be sure to enter because your odds of winning are vastly improved over sweepstakes open to all.

Business Giveaways

(If you’re not employed in a trade)

It’s a dirty little secret among people who are experienced at entering sweepstakes that business giveaways and others targeted to certain people are not limited to that group only.

This means that certain trips or products being targeted is open to legal adults whether they use the products or not. As always, read the rules. Sweepstakes today are governed by the rules posted, so if it doesn’t say you can’t enter, you sure can.

Business Giveaways

(If you like trade shows)

Product giveaways are very popular at trade shows, so if you’re in a group or trade that has marketing promotional items, go for it!

The smart thing to do to win marketing items and business giveaways is to take along a nice big bunch of business cards when you go to the show. Go around on the show floor, and drop your business card in the prize drawing boxes like a little butterfly. Sometimes the people at the booth will ask to scan your badge to win marketing items.

The good thing about this practice is you can win really good stuff, and the odds of winning are better than an ordinary prize pool because the general public hasn’t attended the show.

The point of company giveaways in the first place is to develop new leads for business. So if you’re into winning, and active in your trade group,  company giveaways are win-win for you and the merchant.

Business giveaways that are the super-easy kind take the form of giveaways items and promotional merchandise you can pick up at their booths. Stuff like t-shirts, embroidered hats, toys, battery powered items and candy can be taken home free at trade shows. So business giveaways are more than just the raffle kind; you can also get the free, easy kind as well.

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