Can Sweepstakes And Contests Have Better Odds?

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Some people who do not consider sweepstakes and contests a scam decline to enter them because they think the odds of winning are so poor, making it not worth their while. It’s true that some well publicized sweepstakes and contests, such as the DIY sweepstakes and PCH sweepstakes clearinghouse giveaways have amazingly remote odds not in your favor. But try telling that to the people who won them. Poor odds for these particular competitions do not tell the whole story.

Really bad odds do not mean you cannot win an amazing prize. People can and do win them all the time, even when the chances are very remote. Amazing feats of luck have happened to me and other people I know. I once won a prize in a competition that was being advertised on television. A relative won a major giveaway being promoted by Oprah’s publishing company that had hundreds of thousands of entrants, and they accepted only one entry per person. (Yes, that Oprah, and there was only one prize.) If you are steadfast and persistent about entering, and ignore the odds, the luck you experience may shock you. Once in a while an amazing unlikely win happens to those who don’t enter much at all.

Improving sweepstakes and contests odds

Bad odds are definitely improved if you seek out and enter local sweepstakes and contests. Very often you will see a giveaway that you have to use locally and pick up in the store. This is great if you live in the area.

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Strategies to improve the odds

Radio and TV stations oftentimes promote themselves using giveaways for audiences in their local area. Restaurants, home improvement companies, beauty salons and pet care places are very typical of the types of local businesses that sponsor giveaways.  Sometimes you can enter these competitions online, or you may need to fill out an entry and deposit them in the store. Either way, this type of giveaway offers far better odds than sweepstakes and contests open to the general public.

About Blog giveaways

Even more plentiful and easier to find are the blog giveaways available online at “stay at home mom” websites. Generally targeted to women, these sites have a wide variety of merchandise they are constantly offering, usually being given away by smaller sponsors trying to spread the word about their products and services. If you are interest in the prize, enter these! They are very much worth your while if you are willing to make the time and commitment.

You will find these sites ask you to do tasks in order to enter. Most often you can do several things to enter these sweepstakes and contests, and the more you participate in the giveaway the more entries you get.  Usually you can leave a comment at the website with your email and gain an entry. Subscribe to the newsletter to gain another entry. Follow the site owner at Twitter and Facebook for another entry. Check out the sponsor’s wares and choose a favorite for an additional entry. And so on.

Multiple entries of this type are difficult to track, and the entrants need to receive all the entries they worked for. People running complex competitions such as these use Contest Burner tracking software to be sure everybody who participated got all their entries. This way nobody gets cheated of their rightful entries.

Entering blog contests with all these entry options can be a lot of trouble for some people, which is why blog giveaways tend to get fewer entries than regular giveaways and instant win sweepstakes, everybody’s favorite.

Local giveaways and blogs are definitely the way to go if you’re looking to win without much competition. A little extra effort + better odds = more sweepstakes and contests winnings for you.

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    It will bless me to know I’ve won a sweepstakes all I’ve ever wanted to do is help people. buy myself a car i’ve never own a car would also like to start a ORG for my grand girl who die 10/04/2012 for preemies

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