Choosing a Form-Filler to Enter Sweepstakes

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One big challenge that sweepers face is getting sweepstakes forms filled quickly, efficiently and accurately. A form-filler of some kind is mandatory, although the quality of various form-fillers varies a lot. Here are a few ways to get your forms filled. Some are free options, and others paid.

There are so many form fillers on the market, it’s fairly impossible to list them all in one article with much detail. This post will look at the pros and cons of several of the most popular.

1. Browsers – Most modern browsers have a form filler built into the program. They work by filling info according to the profile that you set up. Browsers can remember your passwords and fill those fields automatically without you having to type.

Pro – Free, fast and browser form fillers usually very accurate.

Con – Limited to one profile. Often does partial filling and won’t fill fields like radio buttons… and you do see a lot of radio buttons to fill to enter sweepstakes. Browser form fillers don’t give you passcard access and you would have to navigate to the sites on your own or use bookmarks.

2. LastPass – This is a step up from browser form fillers, and the free version is quite good for what it does. You can access your saved logins using the online vault, and navigate to the sites you saved using the vault. The company offers a browser add-on that you can access easily as a toolbar.

Pro – The free basic version is all you need for a desktop or laptop computer. Offers a vault with all your saved logins, making it easy to retrieve missing passwords. Fills accurately. Logins are easily saved and accessed using the free browser add-on.

Con – The paid version is needed to use LastPass on smartphones and tablets. This program also doesn’t fill radio buttons. The browser add-on isn’t compatible with some browsers, but works fine with the most popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. No passcards are available using the desktop. Two steps are needed to fill the forms using the browser toolbar. There is a feature that fills forms right within the form fields.

3. Roboform – This form-filler sets the standard for entering sweepstakes. If you intend to make sweepstakes and contests your hobby, Roboform is a worthwhile investment. Roboform It fills radio buttons, password fields, generates secure passwords and holds passcards. You can fill a long list of forms by pre-loading them and letting Roboform do the work. There’s no other solution that’s easier to use, and does not violate sweepstakes rules about using bots.

Pro – Fills all types of forms (except for Flash forms), including radio buttons, logins, name and address fields and custom fields you create. There’s a version that works across devices, and you can view saved passcards online.

Con – The free version is limited to 10 passcards. The full version enables unlimited passcard. Not all versions work as well as the basic PC version, for example, the Mac version has far less functionality. An earlier promise the company made that promised free lifetime updates was broken, and previous license-holders had to purchase it again. This means that if you buy a license, it may not be compatible with future browser updates.

Note: None of these form fillers work when entering blog giveaways. You need to do those manually and follow all bloggers on the widget by clicking them yourself.

I personally prefer Roboform, although you may wish to try them all and some others to see which form filler works best when entering giveaways.

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