Email Addresses For Entering Sweepstakes And Contests

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Once in a while, you hear about newbies entering sweepstakes and contests using their regular email address as their regular contact. This is a mistake, and they quickly regret the sheer volume of newsletters, notifications and spam that pours into their in-boxes. Those who have been entering sweepstakes and giveaways for a while know that a disposable email address is crucial to ensure your privacy and protect your private address from a deluge of spam.

Web email addresses are popular with people entering sweepstakes and contests because they’re free, accessible from any Internet-connected computer, have many extra components they need and ensure a decent amount of privacy. The most popular providers are Yahoo!, Gmail and Hotmail. I personally use Yahoo! for entering sweepstakes and contests, and it serves very well. Yahoo! mail includes a note pad, a contacts list, spam control and you can make as many filters as you need to sort your winning emails.

Sweepstakes and contests Win Notifications

Most people who win something are notified via email. Trouble is, when you enter so many sweepstakes and contests they often see hundreds of emails in their in box each day. This should be viewed as a normal and expected aspect of the hobby. When you enter for something, the sponsor generally expects to add you to their email list.  Oftentimes by entering to win a giveaway, you are giving them permission to send you email. Technically, this is not spam, and should not be called unsolicited email because you opted in.

sweepstakes and contests

Winning stuff is fun

Winning notifications are few and far between. It’s important to ensure that you see everything that is, and could be a win. Loads of newsletters make it difficult to notice the emails you really need to read. Many people deal with this by concentrating on trying to keep spam out of their in boxes.

This is a mistake. My approach is to not bother unsubscribing from newsletters or concerning myself at all with spam. You may need to be subscribed to a sponsors newsletter to win something from them, so stay subscribed. And there is a more effective way to sort the emails you want to see from the ones you can toss.

The secret to seeing the emails you need to view is to to create email filters using important keywords to sort them. Most winning emails have subjects containing the words “congratulations,” “winner,” “contest” and “giveaway.”

First, create a folder that will receive your winning emails. Call it “Win notifications” as I do. Next, you need to create filters using the above keywords to sort emails containing these terms into the folder. This is kind of counter-intuitive, because you are still accepting a ton of spam and other unwanted mail. But this handy and very efficient system makes it easy to see your Instant Win Sweepstakes “Congrats!” emails and never miss out on a win.

In many cases, you will not get your prizes without responding to the win notification, so proper email setup is crucial if you’re serious about entering sweepstakes and contests. If you don’t know how, ask for help. It’s really easy to set up filters correctly.

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