Instant Win Sweepstakes And Contests For Fun Mail

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Feeling lucky today? Maybe this is your day for a big prize. You might find out about it by opening your snail mail today.

Just about everyone hates their snail mail, and for good reason. For the most part, it’s just junk mail and bills.

People who enter instant win sweepstakes and contests feel differently about it, however. Mail is something they often look forward to, because it’s often the method of delivery for their sweepstakes prizes. Sometimes it’s a prize they were expected, other times a total surprise item comes in the mail.

How do you know that you won?

This is one of the questions new sweepstakes ask when they start out entering instant win sweepstakes and contests. The truth is, you know if you receive a winning notification email or “winner” screen, and far less often a phone call from the judging agency.

About half the time, winners aren’t told they won anything at all. They just receive the prize in the snail mail or via UPS or FedEx. The best kinds of wins of all are the special delivery letters that come from the delivery trucks: UPS and FedEx. These small envelopes oftentimes have winning letters for you saying you won a large cash prize or a trip. I have received several of them, and yes, they are the best wins of all!

So if you’re thinking of entering instant win sweepstakes and contests, it’s fun to consider that you could at any time be notified through the snail mail that you’re a winner of a prize, or get a surprise goody box along with the usual stuff. This is one of the key reasons people decide to enter sweepstakes as a hobby. It makes life more exciting, and the usual mail you hate to collect is definitely more fun.

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