Everybody Loves Cash Sweepstakes

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Of course you do. Who doesn’t love cold, hard cash?

Of all the prizes in the world that can be won, none are as coveted as the pursuit of pure manna, greenbacks, cold cash in your hot little hands.

Cash sweepstakes may sound scammy, but they’re no more so than sweepstakes for other prizes. I’m saying it’s totally possible to win cash sweepstakes and not be scammed, so stop being so paranoid. Lots of sponsors, large and small, run cash win sweepstakes and you have heard of most of these companies.

In the past, I have won over $11,000 total in cash in sweepstakes and contests, and didn’t pay a dime to enter any of them. The largest cash prize i got was from a liquor company sponsor: it was a check for $5,000 and a trip to Northern California. Pretty nice, eh?

I won this as an entrant in their recipe contest, pairing a recipe of my own creation with one of their wines. As a judged contest, my odds of winning were better than a simple random drawing, and if you like to cook there are lots of recipe contests.

The second large cash prize was $5,200 from a very large food manufacturing company that has well known products on your grocer’s shelves. I was one of 10 winners of meals for a year. The odds were terrible, but I won anyway and so can you.

Another cash sweepstakes I won was $1,000 from a very well known company that manufactures food wrap and containers that you use every day. This was a weekly sweepstakes, and you can’t go wrong entering with these big sponsors.

A third large cash sweepstakes that I “won” was sponsored by a smallish search marketing company that touted large prize wins in the contest. I don’t know if their other winners got a prize, but I didn’t, even though I sent them the required paperwork. This is unusual, as the vast majority of sponsoring companies treat sweepstakes winners royally, and I feel it’s only fair and realistic to mention that sometimes cash sweepstakes and others don’t always measure up.

At the moment, I am awaiting on a $100 cash prize won a few weeks ago in a sweepstakes sponsored by another very large food manufacturer. I have no doubts they’re good for it. I have won prizes in the $5 and $10 range, and I believe that $25 is the most typical cash prize. I have won $20 and $25 repeatedly. It’s not much, but the little cash wins add up and make my day.

There are sweepstakes run by large media companies that feature cash sweepstakes prizes in the six-figure range, and those are legit as well. People do win those; if you hang out at sweepstakes forums you will see people occasionally chime in that they won $100,000, $250,000 or even a million dollars. I may not get there, but I am always in the game.

If you happen to see a cash sweepstakes run by a big name sponsor, don’t worry about entering that. The odds are remote, but as you have just seen, even poor odds can be overcome with persistence and dedication.

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