Facebook Sweepstakes Rules

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock or on Mars, you are likely a member of Facebook and may be wondering about the Facebook sweepstakes rules.  Facebook sweepstakes are a very good thing if you are entering to win sweepstakes and contests. Even better if you own a local or online business, and need to increase traffic and public awareness.

Because Facebook is one of the most visited sites in the world, there are incredible opportunities to advertise at the site. Those in the know like Facebook because of its highly specialized targeting by demographic. Many companies are advertising at Facebook by placing ads, running a Facebook sweepstakes, or by doing both. If you would like to run a Facebook giveaway, your Facebook sweepstakes rules must follow the guidelines the company outlines here.

If your mission is to run a giveaway, the Facebook sweepstakes and contests rules aren’t that hard to follow. It’s important to remember that you have to run your sweepstakes administration through Apps on Facebook.com, and not notify or publicize the winners at the Facebook website. It’s easy enough to insert into the Facebook sweepstakes rules that you would like to limit entries to your geographic area to target customers. This makes Facebook giveaways a big favorite with the world’s largest companies and mom and pop small businesses.

Facebook sweepstakes rules

Facebook sweepstakes and contests

If your agenda is about entering to win, Facebook sweepstakes rules are a little different from the standard rules you see for most sweepstakes and contests. Very often, the sponsor of the sweepstakes requires that you “Like” their fan page before you can enter. It’s easy enough to do this, but expect that the company’s updates will be in your Facebook feed. You can remove them from your feed, but be sure to continue “Liking” them for the duration of the giveaway. If you read the Facebook sweepstakes rules for the one you’re entering, you’ll likely see that winners will be picked from the pool of entrants who liked their page. After it’s over you can unlike them if you wish.

Facebook giveaways are growing in popularity with businesses because of several good reasons: High traffic at the site, easy demographic targeting and strong viral potential for content. Many sponsors run contests at Facebook, with public judging to choose the winner. What can be more viral than that?

Facebook sweepstakes and contests are popular with those who enter because of the wide variety of prizes to win, easy fillable forms using the Wildfire apps and there are many Instant Win Sweepstakes at Facebook.

You read that right. Facebook giveaways often feature online games that you play to win. It is highly interactive, and Facebook is a very good platform to enter to win, and to run a sweepstakes application.

The Facebook sweepstakes rules are easy to configure for your needs if you’re running sweepstakes and contests at the site. The Facebook apps make their giveaways easy for sweepers and sponsors to manage.

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