Getting Codes To Play Instant Win Sweepstakes Games

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How to find product codes you need to play the games

Of all the kinds of sweepstakes and contests to enter, no other type of giveaway are as much fun as instant win sweepstakes because of the quick feedback and large number of prizes. The downside to instant win sweepstakes is grubbing up the codes you often need to play the games. Finding codes can be easy to very hard, depending on how the game is set up and the availability of the codes.

Because sweepstakes and contests sponsors are trying to encourage consumers visit their stores and purchase their products, many sponsors of instant win sweepstakes require a product code to enter. This is a way sponsors attempt to preserve the prizes for their most loyal customers. You may be able to play multiple times depending on the rules, and if the instant win requires product codes for multiple entries.

People sometimes have to jump through hoops at times to get the codes they need to play. Sometimes the product codes are stuck onto packages that are specially marked and not available in certain areas. Other times, you need to pay a personal visit to a store and ask for a game card. This can be quite aggravating for somebody who wants to play, is willing to buy the product, but cannot find a store or product in their area.

If you can’t find a specially marked product, or don’t like the product, you may request a code by snail mail. This alternative method will cost you almost a dollar, as you pay for postage in both directions (they won’t put extra codes into your envelope even though many will fit). At times, sponsors offer a free code for the first entry, and you must provide additional codes on your own to enter again.

On the other hand, if it’s a lot of trouble to get a code your odds are better because so many people won’t want to bother. You should weigh all factors before deciding to buy the product or sending a self addressed, stamped envelope to the sponsor for a code.

Overeager sweepstakers have been known to tear the stickers off of products in the supermarket which are printed with instant win sweepstakes codes. If this sounds like you I won’t tell, but don’t let the supermarket manager catch you. Sometimes codes are missing because people do this.

Experienced sweepers have the code tricks down pat. They know that informal networking with other sweepers playing instant win giveaways, and the free exchange of codes at sweepstakes sites that can be reused, benefits everybody. If you have a product code that can be reused and is necessary to play a game — please share. There are lots of prizes for everyone to win, and your fellow sweepers will return the favor many times over. Acquiring a reputation as a good sport and fair player will help you along the way to winning, and you’ll make friends with other sweepers who will help you out when you need it.

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