How To Shorten The Time You Spend Entering Sweepstakes

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Entering to win sweepstakes and contests is a great hobby, but you’ll hear many people who would like to participate complaining they just don’t have the time. Of course, it does take time to enter sweepstakes no matter how efficient you are. But there are tricks you can employ to make the entry process go faster. Here are some suggestions I have on entering sweepstakes quicker:

Use the Roboform form-filler to fill forms with your information automatically. This is an obvious suggestion to experienced sweepers. Newbies may not be aware of how incredibly helpful Roboform really is. You set it up with your profile (or multiple profiles for other people). Robo will automatically load a page full of forms, fill them with your profile and automatically submit. Don’t even consider entering many dailies without Roboform. You’ll burn yourself out in no time.

Save time by limiting your dailies by entering them once or not at all. Most sweepers love daily sweepstakes and enter a lot of them, but they can become a chore when there’s a lot of dailies to deal with every day. With some of them, the entry period goes on and on for weeks, months, even years. Some very busy people pass over dailies in favor of entering one time only sweepstakes and the other popular types (weekly sweepstakes, monthly, etc.).

You would be skipping over some very nice prizes, but on the plus side, the time savings can be pretty dramatic when you consider the time and typing involved with Flash forms and solving captchas. It’s really hard for most people to miss out on a lot of fun instant win sweepstakes that have a lot of prizes, as most of them are daily entry.

You could enter contests instead of sweepstakes. You get a lot more mileage out of just a bunch of contest entries, because fewer people want to bother with them. As you may already know, contests often require a recipe, a video, an essay, and votes for your contribution. The lower competition means it’s easier for you to win, and you would be showcasing something that you do well, such as your talent for photography.

Define a time for entering giveaways, and stick to it. Sometimes we just need to focus on a task to get it done. Distractions make the actual work seem longer, and entering sweepstakes is no exception. Budgeting your time, such as 30 minutes a day for entering contests, would be a good way to limit the time spent on your hobby. You could reserve a particular time of day, such as 7:30 to 8:30 pm for your hobby.

Improve your computer hardware and Internet connection speed. If you have an old, slow PC that is memory (RAM) challenged, it would help a lot to upgrade your equipment. It takes a lot of computer memory to load multiple browser tabs or pages, and your computer needs to keep up with the demands of so many websites. Similarly, if your Internet connection is too slow, entering giveaways will feel like more work and it’ll take more time to get it done. By upgrading your connection to broadband, or adding an antenna to your PC, you’ll get a lot more done quicker. Dial-up Internet just doesn’t cut it anymore for entering sweepstakes. Sorry.

Whatever time-saving option you choose when entering sweepstakes, it’s always your choice to change your entering style now or later. You could enter few dailies, and later decide to expand your entering. The best thing to keep in mind is that it shouldn’t feel like a job, so try to keep it fun and manageable.

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