In A Bad Economy, You Can Make Money Online Entering Sweepstakes

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Entering sweepstakes and contests, if done right, can yield a second income

People usually don’t enter sweepstakes and contests to get rich, but a select few who have won large prizes became wealthy in spite of themselves.

It’s hard to find a good money online offer, as many are scams. On the other hand, entering sweepstakes and contests are a very safe way to earn extra income and prizes you can use for gifting. Sweepstakes and contests are regulated on the federal (FTC) and state levels, and they have rules that must be followed. All honest sweepstakes have official rules that state the terms and conditions of the giveaway, and are available for you to inspect should you have any concerns.

A second income? How?

Most people hope to win enough to replace a second job, and have fun while doing it. Instant win sweepstakes generally have small prizes of merchandise and gift cards. Although the prizes are small, if you win enough instant win sweepstakes, the value of your wins can really add up.

Making enough to replace a part-time job is very possible, but only if you treat entering sweepstakes and contests like a business. This includes having a computer fast enough to load flash pages, a high speed Internet connection, a Roboform Pro license and a businesslike attitude toward entering.

Busy people everywhere may be asking themselves “How can I find the time to enter?” I find the time by watching a bit less TV, or entering while the TV is on. If this is to be your part-time job, enter at least 200 a day — made much easier with Roboform Pro. In fact, I don’t think it’s worth bothering at all without Robo to speed up the process.

A woman of my acquaintance enters approximately 1,000 sweepstakes each day. She is still able to look after her small children, as has her routine has been fine-tuned to get her entries completed very quickly. She is able to replace a second income this way, as one or more prizes is delivered to her house each day that she can resell or use for her family.

You must be wondering how much can be earned by entering sweepstakes and contests when entering a more manageable amount each day. I enter about one-quarter as much the power sweeper mentioned above does, and manage to earn approximately $400 a month in cash, gift certificates and other prizes entering for myself only. It’s not making me a millionaire, although $400 a month is not so shabby either. I receive the largest volume of prizes from winning instant win sweepstakes — the rest of them are one time only entries for the most part, as well as an occasional weekly sweepstakes. Entering has given me the chance to try out products I had never used before, and I frequently shop for the first time at many sites due to the gift certificates I win.

Decide how much is best for you

If you decide you want to enter more than I do, you could make more from entering. I used to enter more when I had the time. What I’m doing now works best for me. The most important thing is to be consistent, which yields best results. Consistency, plus strategy beats the odds and makes you a winner.

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