Instant Win Sweepstakes Prizes

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Cash, toys and gift cards are just a few of the many things you can win by playing instant win sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes are often meant to catch the public’s interest by providing free prizes in exchange for promotion it brings to the sponsors. Running an instant win sweepstakes is one of the best ways for a sponsor to get the word out on their products and services.

Everybody who enters sweepstakes and contest love instant win sweepstakes. They seem to get the most traffic because of the public loves them, and instant win giveaways tend to be dailies (one time only and weekly instant win giveaways do exist, but are rare). Day after day the public visits the sponsor’s sweepstakes site and interacts with the game to win their merchandise. This is a very effective marketing tool.

Aside from the instant gratification they provide, instant win giveaways are popular because they tend to have a lot of prizes at different award levels. The prizes are usually merchandise the sponsor sells — at least in part most of the time — and/or gift certificates for the winner to go shopping. The best thing about them for sponsors is the viral effect, as sweepstakers tell their friends about the instant win giveaway. People who heard about the contest and are already playing will happily share the info with their friends, as instant win sweepstakes and giveaways tend to have plenty of prizes for everyone.

Giving out sweeps prizes — both large and small — is a powerful marketing tool for sponsors, helping build a wide base of customer loyalty. Just think about it: Doesn’t winning even a small prize from a company make you want to buy from that company next time? In the case of instant wins, there are often large grand prizes to win in addition to the small stuff.

Gift cards as prizes mean everybody’s a winner

One of the most popular items offered by sponsors is the all-purpose gift card or gift code. It allows them to spread the word, create good will among winners, and encourages you to shop at their company with what you have won. In my case, I have won small gift cards that were used several times to make larger purchases. This is win-win for the sponsoring company, bringing in a paying customer who dropped some nice change at their store.

Once in a while, I see a large sponsor of a sweepstakes that has a long list of prizes but none of them are anything the company sells. This is often disappointing and confusing when the sponsor sells something I want and they’re giving away things I don’t want. They must have a cosponsor of the prizes, and didn’t have to offer any of their own.

I feel this is a mistake for any sponsor to not contribute prizes that they sell, but it happens. There’s not much you can do about it, and the best thing is to skip it and find an instant win sweepstakes with prizes you want. It’s a far more fun hobby when you win stuff you’re happy to get in the mail.

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