Rules For Instant Win Sweepstakes

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Instant win sweepstakes are everybody’s favorite

If you’re in the game to win instant win sweepstakes, be sure you know if you can win more than once.

Entering instant win sweepstakes is fun and easy for most people, and they seem to be preferred over regular dailies that aren’t instant wins and even single entry sweepstakes. Why is that? you may be wondering.  It’s because they’re so much fun to play, and there are often so many prizes being awarded. When there’s lots of prizes it’s tempting to enter instant win sweepstakes over and over – even after you have won a prize.

This can be a mistake, so be informed whether or not you can win again. As a newbie sweeper, I won an instant and kept playing. I kept “winning” but didn’t receive the follow up prizes. I got the first prize, but the later wins mysteriously didn’t show. My mistake, not theirs.

If you take a moment to read the rules, you will see whether or not it’s possible to enter again and win more than one instant win prize. A few contests let you win multiple times, so grab the chance to win again and again. This is often the case of fast food sweepstakes, where they’re awarding free food coupons.

If you have multiple people in your household, most times it’s perfectly okay to enter them and win extra prizes after you have won an instant win sweepstakes. If the rules stipulate that it’s one per person, go right ahead and enter your husband, son, cousin, dog, cat, mouse and every other member of the household. Be sure to enter each email separately, because they track winners according to email.

If it’s one per household, no entering more than once. This is pretty simple, I think, and you should pay attention to what the sponsor says.

Judging agencies that run sweepstakes and giveaways, like ePrize, have rules stipulating that it’s possible to win only one instant win prize. So you max it out when winning 6th prize, like a coupon or something you don’t like. It’s tough, but they do this to spread the good prize manna far and wide.

If you won a prize in an instant win sweepstakes, and the rules say no more prizes for you, there’s still hope for you. Just because you have been eliminated from winning the instants, you could still make entries that qualify you for the grand prize or other prizes at other levels.

The sponsors want to limit the instant win prizes to one per person, but they still want you coming back every day. The way this is set up, they create multiple win levels: Grand prize, First prize, Second prize, etc. Then there will be multiple levels of instant win prizes, and the one per person limitation.

So you can keep entering to win the better stuff if you like, even if the instant win sweepstakes already said you’re done. Take a minute to read the rules, which helps prevent any time-wasting and you’ll know if you can stay in the game.

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