Instant Wins Are About Timing

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People who like to enter sweepstakes wonder what it takes to win at instant wins. They concern themselves with all kinds of things, figuring they were disqualified. Paranoia runs to many areas, such as the judging agency doesn’t like them for some reason. They suspect they may have won too many sweepstakes and contests before, and won’t be picked again. It’s common for them to wonder if they were penalized for using Roboform, a popular form filling program that makes entering sweepstakes entry forms easy and fast with a minimum of typing.

The truth is, winning instant wins is about timing more than anything else. Sweepstakes administrators of instant win sweepstakes use special software which is programmed to award a prize at a set time, or to a winner who entered as a particular number, such as the 487th entrant wins the prize. Alternately, the program can be set up to award the person who enters at 2:39 PM wins the prize. If nobody enters at 2:39 PM, the person who enters the soonest after 2:39 PM nails the instant win prize.

Instant wins are fun for people who enter to win because of the quick and immediate gratification. Yet many people become discouraged trying to win instant win prizes after seeing a “sorry” losing screen so many times. They feel there must be some special mojo or time of day that may increase their chance to nail down instant wins.

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Instant win sweepstakes

Some people have reported that entering at off-hours, such as the early morning, gave them better odds. Other people swear by entering late at night. This is only anecdotal, and the truth is, winning prizes is totally random and you can win at any time. I’d not recommend losing sleep to enter instant wins because all evidence suggests that entering at any time is as good as any another. Instant wins are supposed to surprise you and be fun. If there really were a better time to enter and win them, instant wins would lose some of their randomness and surprise.

Winning Instant Wins

One exception to this rule is the limited prize instant win sweepstakes. A few giveaways are set up to award a limited number of prizes per day, beginning at a set hour. Sometimes the giveaway begins at 12 AM, drawing out exhausted people hoping to win a small prize. This type of instant win is pretty uncommon. The majority of instant win sweepstakes are being run by large judging agencies (also known as sweepstakes administration companies) like ePrize that allows you to enter yourself any time of day.

Attempting strange rituals to increase your luck, such as picking up a lucky penny, or entering sweepstakes and giveaways at off hours is fine for entertainment value. But don’t expect these methods to help you win. Instant wins are programmed to be totally random, and it’s impossible to fool the timer. The best way to win your share of sweepstakes and contests and instant win sweepstakes is to simply yourself enter a lot to beat the odds.

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