Kids Sweepstakes

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There are many kids sweepstakes around intended just for children 18 and under. The vast majority of kids sweepstakes are Internet sweepstakes because sponsors know children usually don’t have the skills or patience to enter sweepstakes offline.

Instant Win Sweepstakes are a very popular type of kids sweepstakes because of the instant gratification that kids love. Many of them also open to adults allow entries from children as young as six years of age.

Many kids sweepstakes are Disney trip and product giveaways, and others promoted by cable TV channels such as Nickelodeon. Kids can win contests promoting vacations for the whole family, toys, free product coupons, gaming systems like Playstation, computers and even time at summer camp. Others kids sweepstakes are sponsored by fast food, toy, soft drink and snack food companies. Occasionally, you may even see cash prizes that children can win to pay towards their education or a family vacation.

Marketing to children begins as soon as children are old enough to turn on the computer and sit upright in a chair. There are kids sweepstakes for those even under six years of age — children too small even to read or use a computer. This is because sweepstakes and contests are a very powerful marketing tool, and corporations are eager to begin marketing to impressionable children early and create lifetime customers. Parents should keep this in mind, and temper their children’s demands for unhealthy foods that are promoted using giveaways.

kids sweepstakes

Kids Sweepstakes

Kids sweepstakes are occasionally about education, and sponsored by non-profits promoting trips and prizes that encourage learning and world experience. In this area, it is common to see the giveaway targeted to schools, with adults supervising. Popular destinations for educational trips is Washington, DC, New York City and other places rich with museums and opportunities for personal growth and education.

Kids Sweepstakes And Privacy Concerns

The majority of sweepstakes, contests and giveaways do not allow persons under 18 to enter due to strict regulations guarding children’s privacy. Some sponsors of sweepstakes and contests targeted to children have rules stating that a parent must give permission for a child to enter because children under 13 cannot legally give out personal information without their parents’ permission. Occasionally, you will see a giveaway entry form with a field for the parent’s email address used to notify the parent that the child entered the sweepstakes, and it must be clicked to confirm.

The law that regulates children’s entries is the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), a United States federal law that controls the online collection of personal information by children under 13 years of age. Websites marketing to children under 13 must follow specific safeguard that protect children’s privacy and safety online. COPPA also applies to websites targeted to children under 13 originated from foreign countries.

Parents also need to be aware that websites with offers targeted to children have advertising especially created to appeal to them. Pop-unders and pop-up ads with bright colors and graphics promote products and services that appeal to kids, but should be checked by an adult. Some downloads being promoted at some websites sponsoring kids sweepstakes may contain spyware and adware. As always, an adult supervising the child’s activities at the computer is smart for both parent and child.

With normal safeguards, and not done to excess, kids sweepstakes are lots of fun for young people, and they could serve as a way to teach children the value of doing actual work to win the toys they would otherwise ask a parent to buy. Kids giveaways can also help children become an educated consumer. With a parent’s input, children’s sweepstakes can help them become more product-aware and help them make more discriminating product choices.

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