Seeing Results From Sweepstakes and Contests

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One of the most commonly asked questions newbies have about sweepstakes and contests is the length of time it takes for prizes to be won. This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on so many factors exclusive to the person entering them: The amount of giveaways they entered, the particular sweepstakes and contests they entered and luck all have weight in producing results. Here are a few bits of random wisdom on prize winning and the time it takes to see results:

The volume of sweepstakes and contests you entered

As you expect, entering more means you’ll win more. Unless your luck is incredibly bad, you may not win anything, this is nearly impossible for scientific reasons. The fact is, you probably will win eventually because the odds are in your favor if you enter enough. If you enter a lot, luck has less to do with your winning because it’s all mathematical. Entering more also means you’ll start seeing prizes sooner.

The particular sweepstakes and contests you chose

The giveaway you just won may have finished taking entries six months ago (or more), and the people running it are finally getting around to notifying the winners. This isn’t unusual, and once you embark on this hobby you should expect to wait several months to begin seeing prizes. The rules should tell you when the giveaway ends, so you have to first wait for the ending to arrive, wait for the sweepstakes administration to choose the winner, and finally get around to telling you about it.

sweepstakes and contests

Winning is fun

The sponsor is allowed to take their time because they’re the ones giving away the loot, so notifying you when they’re good and ready is their prerogative. Once I won a major trip prize a full 10 months after the giveaway ended, so be patient and tolerant and you’ll get your prize.

The amount of luck you have

The old maxim, “The harder I work, the luckier I get” applies here, but not completely. There is such a thing as amazing beginner’s luck, with newbies in the game winning amazing prizes the first time they enter or not long after they start. This is pure luck; as stated earlier the odds of winning are usually contingent on the number of over all entries made. The laws of mathematics favor those who enter the most to beat the odds.

Enter it, and forget it

It can get very discouraging when entering instant win sweepstakes in particular because you have to face so many “sorry” screens before a win. And nothing can explain the amazing fortune of a person who wins a prize after entering just once, and it does happen. If no wins are happening to you, and you enter a lot, just keep the faith and keep going. “Enter it, and forget it” is a favorite expression for people who enter sweepstakes and contests. Entering sweepstakes and contests for the pleasure of it can be rewarding in itself. Contesting can be a very relaxing hobby that pays dividends to those who are persistent, and remember to spread good karma by helping others win giveaways, too.

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