Sweepstakes And Contests By Month

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If you are a veteran at entering sweepstakes and contests, you already know they’re cyclical — running on a holiday schedule throughout the year. For those unacquainted with contests and giveaways, here’s a basic rundown on how the sweepstakes and contests schedule looks by the month.

January – After Christmas, there is less volume, but opportunities to win giveaways abound. You will see the Valentine’s Day giveaways at this time, offering many jewelry sweepstakes, and maybe a few giveaways targeted to Black History Month run by soft drink and fast food companies. Also, a few contests targeted to resolutions-keepers in the diet niche show up in January.

sweepstakes and contests     Holiday sweepstakes

Holiday sweepstakes

February – Valentine’s Day sweepstakes and giveaways continue until the 14th. St. Patrick’s Day offers begin, with beer companies running their giveaways. Trips to Ireland are common. Mardi Gras giveaways begin, often run by liquor companies and companies specializing in Cajun foods such as Zatarian. Sponsored trips to Mardi Gras in New Orleans are common.

March – St. Patrick’s Day offers end on the 17th, and Easter offers begin. There aren’t that many Easter offers as it’s a serious religious holiday. Smaller sponsors maybe offering candy gift baskets as prizes. The Mardi Gras sweepstakes and contests end after Lent.

April – Mother’s Day sweepstakes and contests begin, with merchandise targeted to women are commonly offered.

March and April introduces the sweepstakes and contests for those planning weddings. Destination wedding packages, including caterer, accommodations, honeymoon and orchestra are promoted at this time. There are some smaller contests advertising photography services for couples to be married.

May – Spring Break is in sight, and you will see trip sweepstakes targeted to young sweepstakers. Popular destinations include Florida, the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands. Mother’s Day sweepstakes end on Mom’s day.

May is a month with summer just ahead, so giveaways for summer entertaining are common. Popular prizes include barbecue grills worth $1,000+ and accessories, patio furniture, family vacations, swimsuits and beauty products for summer.

June – The wedding promotionals peak this month. You will also see trip giveaways for popular honeymoon destinations that are being targeted to engaged couples — but not limited to them. Be sure to read the rules to know if you qualify.

July – Wedding and summer promotionals begin slowing down, and you will begin seeing back to school promotionals. These are run by department stores promoting school clothes for kids, office supply stores like Staples running giveaways.

August – Back to school sweepstakes and giveaways continue until early September. July and August tend to be the slowest months for giveaways and contests.

September – Back to school giveaways wind down. Halloween offers begin.

October – Halloween offers continue through the month, and it’s a very big occasion for sweepstakes. You will see a lot of new instant wins around this time.

November – Christmas is in sight, and Thanksgiving is a popular holiday for giveaways as well. Popular are cooking contests and gift card giveaways. Much of the action takes place around this time, with loads of daily contests and even eBay/Paypal runs daily sweepstakes and contests to encourage shopping at their site.

December – Sweepstakes and giveaways peak this month, with the largest number of contests to win money, gift cards, gift shopping codes, and other popular Internet sweepstakes. Almost everyone who enters sweepstakes daily wins something for the holidays, making this a really great month for sweepstakes and contests.

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