Websites Listing New Sweepstakes Today

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There are new sweepstakes today and every day of the year that you can enter and win. At any given time, there are thousands of sweepstakes available for entry and winning. New sweepstakes and contests go live every day of the year, and likewise listed at giveaway sites. The volume of sweepstakes and contests being run at all times is mind boggling, and it makes no sense to try and enter them all.

People have asked me many times if Instant Win Sweepstakes is a site that has has a list of new sweepstakes today, and where are they? This is a site about giveaways, not a listing service or site for giveaways. You get winning tips and strategies here on entering, winning and running sweepstakes and contests. The giveaways that you want to enter are being listed at sweepstakes sites elsewhere.

It’s not as simple and easy as it appears to run a sweepstakes listing site. Many people believe that all it takes is to simply list the new giveaways they heard about, that listing them takes 10 minutes or so and they are done. Nope. It’s a lot more complex than that.

Sites for entering sweepstakes today

Running a modern site for listing the most popular sweepstakes today is a business that is work intense and highly demanding of hands-on daily labor and special software resources. There is also the need for a staff to find online sweepstakes throughout the Internet (and some mail-ins).

entering sweepstakes today

Entering sweepstakes

The staff must edit the listings and remove them as they expire. Doing this accurately every day of the year requires a lot of time, care and hands-on attention from staff members that need to be paid. The staff is responsible for giving complete and accurate information on the rules for site users that they find in the giveaway rules. Editing sweepstakes and contest as a staff member is a job for those who are detail oriented and don’t mind combing through a long page of rules for the important stuff. Helpful members at most sweepstakes sites oftentimes contribute giveaways as well.

Special software using a scripting language called PHP enables the content database searches people rely on. Sweepstakes listing sites also have special code which enables users to track their entries. There are also many sites with forums, a feature which requires a separate software package.

Best sites for sweepstakes today

Most sweepstakes sites today segregate the various giveaways according to type. For instance, daily, one time only, weekly, monthly, etc. are each given their own categories. A free and highly comprehensive site with thousands of sweepstakes and contests is Sweepstakes Advantage, where you can enter all you like and pay for premium access only if you want extra features.

Because of the high volume of giveaways, contests and sweepstakes today, most people who enter in a serious way use Roboform as their favorite tracking platform. You are able to segregate by type of giveaway using Robo, and there’s a fairly new online synching service to coordinate all your log-ins across all your computers.

If you want to enter some sweepstakes today, finding a listing site that suits your needs best is important. Taking the hobby seriously means this is a relationship that could last a long time.

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