The Fantastic DIY Sweepstakes

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One of the most popular types of sweepstakes is the DIY sweepstakes. We are referring to DIY sweepstakes as far as the popular website and TV channel, and generic do-it-yourself sweepstakes and contests for people doing home improvement. There’s plenty of stuff to win if you’re in need of supplies to fix up your home. Read on.

DIY Sweepstakes

(The channel)

The popular cable TV channel runs giveaways and sweepstakes quite regularly, and they are among the biggest contests for money and other prizes (value-wise).. This makes them among the most popular among people who enter to win competitions. The DIY channel and sweepstakes has been running for years, and every person who enters Internet sweepstakes knows about these giveaways. The DIY channel has  given away eye-popping prizes over the years — even new, fully furnished homes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with a shiny new car in the driveway to the lucky few.

The most recent DIY sweepstakes are contests for money, and the amounts being awarded tend to be on the very high side: $50,000 to $75,000 in cold, hard cash. They DIY channel tends  to run their Internet sweepstakes as dailies, and they receive hundreds of thousands of entries. Unsurprisingly, this makes the DIY sweepstakes among the hardest to win, but somebody really does walk off the loot.

Winner usually takes all, meaning there just one very lucky winner.

DIY Sweepstakes

(The regular kind)

For people doing home improvement (and what homeowner isn’t?), it’s great to win a giveaway to help you purchase the materials and services you need.

A good example of a DIY sweepstakes is a contest for money, construction services, home improvement products (or both) run by home improvement supply companies. They may ask you to post a picture of your troublesome garage door, dilapidated bathroom, outdated kitchen, etc. The sponsors and/or judging agency may select the entry they like best, or your picture may be voted on by the public.

If you enter this type of DIY sweepstakes, don’t be surprised if you are contacted by the sponsors of the contest. This is because they ran the Internet sweepstakes in order to gather leads, and the entry form will ask when is the best time to call you. Use your caller ID, or talk to the people who sponsored the contest and show an interest in their products and services. After all, a good outcome for the companies paying for giveaways encourages more companies to run Internet sweepstakes, right?

DIY Sweepstakes

(The retailers)

The retailer that runs the most DIY sweepstakes is Home Depot, number one by far. It is also the favorite with Instant Win Sweepstakes editors for their good selection and convenience.

DIY sweepstakes

DIY sweepstakes

Lowe’s is another popular retailer in this area running  DIY sweepstakes, but not as many and I rarely see promotional partners with their contests. Home Depot often partners up with other companies running giveaways and contests, putting their gift cards at the fore and engaging in heavy promotion.

Sears runs Internet sweepstakes a few times a year, along with their partner company Kmart and there’s also Target. Almost every sweepstakes veteran has received a gift card from one or all of these stores at some point. In general, they’re not all that tough to win, because so sweepstakes and contests award these gift cards in large and small amounts as promotional partners with Home Depot and the other big chains.

Tip: Once in a while, these stores will run a giveaway exclusive to the stores. You have to fill in an entry form and drop it into a box to enter and win. This gives you the best odds, so don’t be lazy. Fill out the form!

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