Tobacco Sweepstakes

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If you’re a smoker, there are tobacco sweepstakes targeted to your demographic. They’re sponsored by the big tobacco companies like R.J. Reynolds, and sometimes smaller tobacco companies run tobacco sweepstakes. These are sweepstakes and contests that have better odds because very often they are not open to those who do not smoke.

Generally, tobacco sweepstakes are for cigarette smokers. Chewing tobacco and snuff are the second most popular kinds. Red Seal Smokeless Tobacco runs various sweepstakes and contests throughout the year, ditto Copenhagen snuff. Once in a while you will see a tobacco sweepstakes sponsored by a different kind of tobacco company, such as the seller of hookah tobacco or cigars.

The best thing about sweepstakes and contests sponsored by tobacco companies is the exclusivity. They really want to target people who are customers of their products, and tend to exclude all others. Unlike food producers or other types of companies, there is little likelihood that adults will become tobacco product customers at a later time. And tobacco companies are forbidden to market to children or adults under 21, reducing their target market even more. This presents an excellent window of opportunity to customers who are smokers to win a cigarette company giveaway. And you don’t even have to use their brand or their type of tobacco. Smoking anything at all will do.

Very few Instant Win Sweepstakes are sponsored by tobacco companies. Tobacco sweepstakes are most often the single entry kind, and you need a PID (Personal Identity number) in order to enter. Sometimes tobacco giveaways being run by tobacco companies reserve the large prizes for smokers, and allow nonsmokers to compete for a smaller prize, such as an iPod.

I never heard of anybody who won a tobacco giveaway or sweepstakes and having to prove they’re a smoker, or being refused a prize because they are not a smoker. This is not intended as encouragement to enter if you don’t smoke. It’s just something a lot of nonsmoking people ask about, in the hope they can take a chance and enter themselves because the prize is so tempting. I would rather just not enter, in case I was picked for a large prize and had to forfeit because I do not smoke.

Tobacco Sweepstakes Freebies

Even if you aren’t the winner of tobacco sweepstakes and contests, you may still be in luck. Tobacco companies have lots of name-branded freebies and merchandise giveaways for their customers. Oftentimes they require you mail them a whole bunch of proofs of purchase in order to get the merch.

tobacco sweepstakes

Tobacco sweepstakes

In other cases, tobacco companies will send free branded merchandise gratis to anybody, smoker or not, who requests it or wins their giveaways. As you can see in the photograph, I was the winner of a cool metal sign. This was an instant win sweepstakes prize sponsored by Red Man Chewing Tobacco. Even though I do not smoke or chew, I was happy to get the cool metal sign with the handsome Indian to hang on my wall.

If you would like to be the winner of a tobacco sweepstakes, read the rules to be sure you’re qualified to enter. Tobacco sweepstakes and contests often award very good quality prizes, so be sure not to pass them over if you’re interested in winning them.


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