Tolerating Sweepstakes and Contests Dry Spells

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People enter sweepstakes and contests with high hopes of winning a new car, cash and family vacations. Little prizes keep them going, stoking their hopes for a really big one. But everybody who’s been playing sweepstakes and contests for a while hits a dry spell when they can’t even win a small prize. This is a real downer, and it takes determination and fortitude to get past the hump.

Here are a few ideas on how you can weather a dry spell until the wins return:

Enter more giveaways

Maybe you haven’t been entering enough, which could explain your dry spell. The obvious answer is to ramp up the entries, which casts your net farther and wider. With the bad economy and so many more people entering, it’s important to keep up a decent minimum of entries to improve your odds. Remember: Winning it’s not solely based on luck; it’s mathematical. The more you enter, the better the odds are for you.

Sign up for samples and freebies

There’s a lot of good quality free stuff being given away all over the Internet. If you’re really good at it, some of the free, effortless things you can request are as good as sweepstakes and contests wins.

As an example. Allure magazine gives away lots of free beauty products at the beginning of the month to those who make the first request for them at a specific time. If you have a fast Internet connection and an interest in these products, go for it! I have received several full sized products that arrived about a month after winning the timed giveaways from Allure. Sweet!

Enter blog sweepstakes and contests

If you have a little bit of extra time to enter, blog sweepstakes are a good place to get a lot of entries in. Most sites let you enter using several methods (Twitter and Facebook following, newsletter, commenting, checking out the sponsor, et al.), so you can  easily increase your odds of winning by taking a little time to participate.

sweepstakes and contests

No wins?

The people running the sites are trying to bring traffic and interest, so they really appreciate that you have made an effort.

Entering some local contests

Try entering sweepstakes and contests for products, services and entertainment right in your own neighborhood can be a very rewarding way to increase your wins. Because they’re exclusive to a location, the odds are better for you to win them.

You can find these by checking out your local TV and radio stations, visiting local stores and looking for drop boxes, Googling for competitions using your home town in the search and by checking sweepstakes sites. Many of them have listings for local giveaways.

Entering just for the fun of it

Lots of people like instant win sweepstakes the best because they promise instant gratification if you’re a winner. Even if you don’t win, lots of them have fun online games you can play, so have fun playing them in between wins. A few instant win sites even give you more opportunities to win them if you play their games. Go ahead, and have fun playing and winning. If you stick with entering sweepstakes and contests in spite of a dry spell, the wins will begin flowing your  way again.

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