Twitter Sweepstakes Rules

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Some people have been asking about Twitter sweepstakes rules, wondering if they’re much different from Facebook sweepstakes rules or giveaway rules in general. Not really, I tell them. The difference mostly involves tweeting, which helps the sponsor to promote their contests and giveaways. When you tweet, you become an agent of promotion for them, and this enters you into their sweepstakes. Lots of people avoid Twitter sweepstakes and contests, making the odds better for you to win.

Following Twitter sweepstakes rules

Entering sweepstakes via Twitter is popular at “mom” blog sites. It’s common to see the site owner asking for newsletter sign-ups, Facebook “Likes,” following and tweets from the Twitter site, and other forms of promotion that will get you more entries. People with time on their hands and patience like to enter these sweepstakes and contests for the better odds they have. Most people prefer to enter giveaways quickly and move on, so if you really like the prizes you really can win them.

There aren’t too many Instant Win Sweepstakes at Twitter, but you will find plenty at Facebook. Most of the Twitter giveaways are one-time or daily entry.

The Twitter sweepstakes rules for many types of sweepstakes and contests can be found at the Wildfireapp site, which is a company that creates sweepstakes software and helps companies run marketing sweepstakes. In this case, you will see Twitter sweepstakes rules at the Wildfireapp site, customized for the particular giveaway.

Twitter sweepstakes rules

Twitter sweepstakes

It’s pretty common to see large sponsors of Twitter giveaways being run by Wildfireapp. Large companies understand the power of viral marketing, and have been promoting themselves at both Twitter and Facebook using sweepstakes. What you would have to do is to follow them, then tweet a message they define or create your own. They choose a winner from their followers, and do so by keeping a record of the tweets of the day. Extra entries are given if you get your friends to follow them and tweet. Again, these are great if you’re a person with the time and patience to jump through hoops to get your entries in.

I have won several Facebook contests, which are often run at the same time and place as the Twitter sweepstakes through Wildfireapp. The Twitter sweepstakes rules usually say that the winner will be contacted at the Twitter website. If you don’t visit Twitter regularly, you could miss this, making it a smart idea to set up an alert at Twitter notifying you that a private message was received. Believe me, it’s no fun at all missing those rare winning notifications, so be sure you’re totally covered as far as being contacted.

Twitter sweepstakes rules for sponsors

If you are a sponsor hoping to run a marketing sweepstakes, Facebook and Twitter sweepstakes are a great way to promote your company and products. They’re easy to set up, and convenient for the public to enter using their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The viral nature of social sites in general makes them excellent places to promote your business.

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