UK Competitions And Sweepstakes Scams

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British and UK sweepstakes, giveaways and contests are generally called competitions, but the term means the same thing as a sweepstakes to the Brits. British sweepstakes lovers are enthusiastic about their competitions. And even though the UK has a far lower population than the United States, there are lots and lots of giveaways for UK residents to enter.

Numerically speaking, there are far fewer competitions open to residents of the United Kingdom as compared to the US and Canada, and competitions for the UK tend to have smaller and fewer prizes. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t some very high quality UK competitions to enter, and the odds of winning may be better because of fewer entrants. Many sponsors of UK competitions are the same companies that have a presence in North America, although it seems like a majority of the UK competitions sponsors are magazine and publishing companies.

In general, the rules governing competitions are very similar to those in the US. Winners of UK competitions are responsible for government taxes if they win, and their giveaway wins are treated as income. Luckily for them, UK competitions do not require winners to perform a skill test, which is a requirement for Canadian sweepstakes winners.

UK competitions and sweepstakes scams

There are lots of sweepstakes scams around that allude to a British competition which the scammers claim the recipient has won. Beware of answering these emails, and especially do not provide any of your information. They are not from a company running competitions, they are trying to confirm your email address and convince you to hand over your banking information.


British competitions

Just about everybody with an email address has been spammed with the UK or British lottery promising that thousands or millions of pounds sterling will be paid to them, and declaring the recipient the winner of their competitions. Believe it or not, these scammers have convinced gullible people that they have actually won competitions using these methods.

This is a common sweepstakes scam, even though they try to shroud the body of the email with authenticity, saying it’s from Barrister this or that. Oftentimes Microsoft has been used in the subject line to lend cred, but this is also bogus. The scammers tell you in their emails you are about to receive a large bank note, saying you won their competition

If you are entering sweepstakes, contests or giveaways, I hope you are using a disposable email address to deal with the inevitable spam and unwanted newsletters you will receive. Whatever kind of sweepstakes you’re entering, wherever you are, you don’t want your regular email address stuffed with spam and newsletters.

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