What To Do If You Did Not Receive Your Sweepstakes Prize

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Not receiving prizes is a lot more stressful than you ever imagined for those who enter sweepstakes and contests. Sweepers put a lot of time and effort into winning, and non-receipt of prizes spoils everything. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re a prize winner, and wondering where your prize has gone to:

Sweepstakes take a long time to end, so you will need to give it some time. If you won an instant win sweepstakes, the rules will likely state that prizes will be sent 8 to 10 weeks after the sweepstakes ends. So check the date and count to eight. 😉

Sweepstakes administrators, also known as a judging agencies, sometimes take their time distributing the goods. It’s their giveaway, and they can run it as they like — as long as they ultimately do send out the prizes. I have received wins as soon as two days after the contest ended, and as long as 10 months. The latter example was a major trip win that was being run by a very big company, and I’m not kidding.

Sometimes the prizes are out of stock, and the sweepstakes administration is waiting for a shipment to arrive. One similar example was somebody who won a CD signed by a musical artist who was a major star. They needed to wait until he ended his tour to sign the CD.

On occasion, you may not get the prize at all. The people running the sweepstakes may be totally disorganized or go out of business after the drawing ends. If you failed to respond to a winning email, they may have given the win to somebody else and didn’t tell you. Bye-bye prize.

It’s also possible that you could have entered at a site that existed solely to collect emails, and no prize was being given away after seeing a “winning” prize screen. These are scam sites. It’s easy to spot these once you’re even slightly savvy about sweepstakes.

These scenarios are very rare, but they do happen. The vast majority of companies both large and small are totally honest and do want to send the prizes out to legitimate winners (even if they screw up).

Here’s a couple of tips for you to increase the odds that you’ll get your prize:

  1. Save all winning notification emails. You will be able to prove that you won, what you won and when you won it.
  2. If you received a winning notification email that requires a response, don’t neglect to respond to the sponsor on time and provide the info you’re asked for.

If you have questions about your win, don’t hesitate to just email the people who notified you of your win. Sometimes they need to be reminded that prizes haven’t gone out, and they’ll do their best to see it gets done. Good communication smooths over many problems in life, and that includes the sweepstakes and contests hobby.

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  1. lb says:

    timing in this case is everything you want to win get your sweepstakes in on time.and wait it out it’s all in FUN FUN FUN.

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