Who Won The Sweepstakes And Contests?

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Sweepstakes and contests are supposed to have a winner, and the sweepstakes administration is supposed to make that info freely available. Using these few easy tips, you can easily find out who won — whether it’s you or somebody you may know.

The Sponsor’s Website

It’s common for the names of the winner or winners of sweepstakes and contests to be posted at the sponsor’s websites. Once in a while, if you have been picked as a winner, you may be expected to return to the site and see if you won. A sponsor who wishes to make it easy for you will notify you first by sending you an email saying winners have been chosen, and you should visit the site to see if it’s you. A few sweepstakes administrators may expect you to visit the site on your own and find your name there, but this is more the exception than the rule. Most sweepstakes and contests are user-friendly, and the people running them really want to hook up the prizes with the rightful winners.

Check Your Special Folder For Sweepstakes and Contests

By now, I hope that if you are entering giveaways you created a folder and email filters that will sort the winning notifications. An earlier post on the importance of this topic was covered earlier here at Instant Win Sweepstakes. It’s really, really important that your email get properly sorted, lest you lose track of those rare and important notifications. In fact, sweepstakes administrators will tell you it’s often hard for them to get the winners to answer. Too many winning emails get thrown away. Don’t let this happen to you.

sweepstakes and contests

Who won the sweeps?

Sponsors will be sending you plenty of emails telling you of other winners of their giveaways. This is less than thrilling, but a part of the game.

Telephone Notifications

Less common are the snail mail and telephone notifications. A few sponsors of sweepstakes and contests state in the rules that telephone notification is the only way they notify winners. Even worse, they say they will try only once before moving onto a new winner. If you enter one of them, I’d give them a cell phone number, and keep it turned on at all times. By the way, no responsible company will share your private phone number with marketers, so don’t worry too much about junk calls.

Sweepstakes and Contests Snail Mail

It’s very rare to receive a winning notification for a giveaway in the snail mail, but it does happen. More commonly, you will receive no notice whatsoever that you won. The sweepstakes administrator simply sent the prize to you at the address on record. This type of win can be the most fun.

Giveaways Winners List

Many large sweepstakes and contests being run by professional judging agencies furnish winners lists that you can request for free. They may send you the list in the mail, or email it to you. If you have any doubts about the sweepstakes, you can check out their winners list and see the names for yourself.

Google-Alert Yourself As A Contest Winner

It’s easy enough to create a Google Alert that will notify you that your name has been added to a winners list. Be sure to answer the sponsor within 48 hours, the typical window of notification. Otherwise, they may decide to offer the prize to a different winner.

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