Why Companies Run Marketing Giveaways

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If you have a business and are wondering how to do marketing giveaways can help you promote your business. It’s a cheap way to get the word out, because sweepstakes and contests are very popular with the public.

People who enter sweepstakes, and many of those who don’t, wonder why marketing giveaways exist at all. The old maxim, “There’s no free lunch” must always apply, right? Wrong.

Run Marketing Giveaways

(How they help businesses)

It used to be that when you owned a business, you would buy some ad space in the newspaper, distribute fliers and buy a space in the yellow pages. If you were a big company with lots of assets, an advertising agency was brought in to produce TV and radio commercials, then book air time on television.

The Internet changed everything about marketing, and it continues to evolve. Now, businesses can advertise online, and this includes marketing giveaways in the form of sweepstakes and contests. This is a very inexpensive way to get the word out on the products being sold, and helps create good karma — especially among customers who have won a nice prize.

Sweepstakes and contests are good for product marketing for a few other reasons:

  • They enable companies to harvest emails for newsletters, to continue the relationship
  • Sweepstakes familiarize consumers with their products and services
  • Giveaways and contests generate happy customers or prospective customers who win prizes and tell their friends about what they got and from whom
  • Sweepstakes and giveaways are often cheaper to run than traditional forms of advertising, such as TV ads
  • Some sweepstakes help companies to increase sales by requiring that consumers provide a product code to enter the giveaway (there must always be a free alternative to keep it legal, however).
  • A beneficial listing that brings traffic to their business website at sweepstakes listing services such as Sweeps Advantage.


Benefits to Marketing Giveaways

Let’s face it — getting free stuff is fun. Lucky people entering Internet sweepstakes and the other kinds have walked away with thousands of dollars’ worth of free merchandise, including cash, trips, gift cards, services… just about anything and everything you can think of has been given away in a sweeps or contest.

marketing giveaways

Marketing giveaways

Like any other hobby, Internet sweepstakes has created communities among people trying to win giveaways. When you win a competition, you have already become familiar with the product and services of the companies running the marketing giveaways, as well as many others. This helps consumers become more product aware, and when they win a contest it is like getting pennies from heaven.

There are people who enter contests for money and win enough cash and prizes regularly enough to call their Internet sweepstakes hobby a part-time job. Not that many people have the time and dedication to do this long-term, but such people exist and they’re doing fine. They are still able to enter sweepstakes and contests en masse, while taking care of their family and household.

Expansion of Marketing Giveaways

As stated earlier, marketing giveaways have evolved to include old media and new media, such as Internet sweepstakes. Facebook and Twitter have expanded product marketing opportunities, helping companies marketing giveaways make the word on their products go viral.

As more companies see the benefits of marketing giveaways, the numbers of sweepstakes and contests to enter and win has grown exponentially. This is good for those entering, and those running them. There’s no mystery as to why free stuff being given away is a smart move when you consider the big picture.

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