Winners of Very Large Sweepstakes

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Immense wins are rare, but there are more winners than you think

Most people who enter instant win sweepstakes and cash sweepstakes win small- to medium-sized prizes, ranging from a couple of dollars to a few hundred. When people play the lottery, they associate it with large jackpots. The fact is, most people people who play the lottery win very small amounts for the most part, if they win at all.

Did you know that’s it’s possible to legitimately win very large cash prizes when playing instant win sweepstakes and other types of cash sweepstakes? It’s possible to enter for very large cash sweepstakes prizes online, and not pay for lottery tickets. Your odds are probably no worse than if you had bought tickets.

There are sponsors who run very large cash sweepstakes — Hearst Publishing company for one. Their cash sweepstakes are for $100,000 and $250,000, and generally creative presentations. These cash sweepstakes are run once or twice a year, and Hearst will accept entries for months.

The odds are very small because of the long entry period and because they’re creative presentations, so don’t count on being a winner. But they are legitimate and people do win these creative presentations.

About Creative Presentations

When entering sweepstakes, “creative presentation” is a common term that is usually misunderstood by new sweepstakers and even the experienced. It has nothing at all to do with being creative, and all to do with how many contests are being run. Generally, a creative presentation sweepstakes is conducted by a large company, such as the Hearst example.

Everybody knows that Hearst publications have many magazines and newspapers as a part of the publishing family. Hearst is very big for this reason for running creative publications. This means that each magazine will run the sweepstakes for the money pot, and using a proprietary graphic for the sweepstakes at each sites for each magazines. So if there’s 10 sites running the creative publication sweepstakes, you can enter daily at all ten sites.

There is only one prize, but tons of entries because entries are accepted at so many websites for so long. The odds are slim, but people do win them, and of course you can win with just one entry.

Other Types Of Large Sweepstakes Prizes

Did you know that even houses are given away as sweepstakes prizes? It’s true, and there are usually 2-3 being given away every year. HGTV runs a house giveaway every year or so, and She-TV has run a “She House” giveaway.

Occasionally, a person will win a very large sweepstakes prize, and be ill-equipped to deal with the implications of such a large win. Remember, sweepstakes wins are considered income, and if a house is won taxes must be paid on the value of the house.

An HGTV house winner of a few years ago tried to hang onto his big house win, but couldn’t pay the real estate taxes or the property taxes. He became deeply in debt, and almost lost his home on account of taxes owed. So if you’re fortunate enough to be a massive prize winner, it comes with problems and responsibilities of ownership.

The GM Prizes

Ironically, when General Motors was most in danger of going under, they were running some of the biggest and best car giveaways. For a couple of years, hundreds of cars were being raffled yearly off to those who entered via snail mail. Yours truly entered 600 times in a vain attempt to win, and a massive effort doesn’t always pay off. A few people who entered just a few times did win cars, so don’t expect fairness or justice when playing sweepstakes games. The poorest or most worthy won’t necessarily win. That’s just the way it is.

GM even gave away $1,000,000 to publicize a new car model. To enter, you had to visit a dealership and take a picture of the car and upload it to them. Some lucky winner announced on a sweeps forum that she won the million bucks, so this is as legitimate a giveaway as the free food coupon you get in the mail.

There are other types of large sweepstakes, including those that award RVs, boats and prize parcels that amount to $100,000+. Don’t count on winning, but enter anyway because you never know when luck will suddenly strike.

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