Winning Computer And Laptop Sweepstakes

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Computer and laptop sweepstakes are among the most popular types for people who like sweepstakes and contests as a hobby. You need a computer to enter, of course, and the necessity of a functional, up to date computer is one of the things makes them so popular. That, and the fact that computer software becomes so much more demanding so quickly, your computer for entering sweepstakes must be constantly upgraded.

Laptop Sweepstakes

(The many types)

There are so many types of computers, and just about every consumer type is given away as sweepstakes and contests prizes. In addition to laptop sweepstakes, there second most popular type is iPad giveaways. As a hot product, this gets a lot of interest from the public, who in turn reward the contest runners with their traffic and email addresses.

Desktop computers are the cheapest and most powerful, and they are given away as well, but far less often than laptop sweepstakes. I am guessing they aren’t as appealing and cool. Gaming computers are given away a bit more often, and those tend to be expensive specialty models. They’re tough to win because they get a lot of entries, and there aren’t all that many being given away over the course of the year.

Laptop Sweepstakes

(The sponsors of the prizes)

Every big company has run a laptop sweepstakes at some point, but there are companies that run them regularly to bring in traffic and harvest email addresses.

Tiger Direct is one very consistent sponsor; ditto CompUSA (yes, they went bankrupt, but they are still around sponsoring sweepstakes and contests). Microsoft tends to give away their software and Xboxes. The other big names in this area are HP, Dell and of course Apple Computer. Apple products tend to be given away by sponsors unassociated with the company, while HP and Dell run sweepstakes of their own.

laptop sweepstakes

Laptop sweepstakes

Apple products seems to be the most popular electronics prizes: Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPad, iPod, iPod Touch and the iPhone are products you see being offered constantly by giveaway sponsors. Your friends at Instant Win Sweepstakes are not implying it’s easy to win these abundant prizes. In fact, they’re quite elusive. We are saying they’re definitely number one on the list because people love them.

Laptop Sweepstakes

(Where to win them)

The big computer companies are not the only places to win laptop sweepstakes. They are often the prize at companies trying to draw newsletter traffic and general interest. You may occasionally find computers and other electronics being given away at blog sites. Those require more effort to enter, but they have the best odds. Enter those!

4 Responsesto “Winning Computer And Laptop Sweepstakes”

  1. i would realy like to win a laptop computer.

  2. Robin McKinley says:

    Winning a Laptop Computer will be very benificial to work on the go and stay connected.

  3. lauraine says:

    winning a laptop would help me with my classwork,make it easy for me merge in the digital world

  4. Evelyn Adamson says:

    I would really love to upgrade my Sony Desktop(win one)

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