Winning Vacation Sweepstakes

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Instant win sweepstakes often award vacations

People who are in the sweepstakes game for years usually report on the places they’ve gone to and the wonderful trips they got. I have won six trips so far as sweepstakes and contest awards, and they were all fabulous. The trips I got were far better than any trips I paid for myself.

It’s possible to win a trip if you enter just instant win sweepstakes, and the trip may be what’s the instant win prize. More likely, it will be a grand or first prize, and the instant win prizes are smaller things, with the larger prizes drawn later after the instant win part is over.

If you really want to win a trip, don’t limit your entering to instant win sweepstakes. You should enter one time only sweepstakes, weeklies, dailies, unlimited and every other kind. If you enter yourself in a contest to win a trip, your odds are best of all, as far fewer people are willing to bother with the creative part. You can also improve your odds by entering local contests, as those seen by people only in your area will give you the best odds.

The Trips You Can Win

People new at entering sweepstakes wonder what kind of trips are available to win. The answer is: Every kind! Cruises, adventure trips (bicycle tours, hiking, hunting, safaris, white water rafting, et al), road trips in RVs. Trips to exotic places like Antartica, Macu Piccu and the pyramids of Egypt are more common than you may believe, and run by exotic tour companies like Lindblad Tours and National Geographic.

More common are the trips that go to popular US cities such as New York City and Los Angeles. Fashion industry and media sponsors often sponsor the New York trips; Los Angeles trips are often a tie-in with a movie premiere or a promotional for an awards show such as the Grammy Awards and the Emmy Awards. Many rock bands on tour sponsor trips through their record company or promotional company, and you could win a trip to meet the band on tour and even choose your date and location. It’s a great way to meet the band and win exactly the trip you want.

There are trips sponsored for hobbyists and people with particular interests such as NASCAR. Typically, these trips are scheduled to coincide with important races, and winners are sometimes given the opportunity to take racing lessons. Occasionally, there are trips to quilting and needlepoint gatherings and trade shows such as Comic Con and conventions for cancer survivors. Whatever people gather for, there could be a trip sweepstakes to go there.

Many trips are sponsored by the chambers of commerce of many city and states, as well as the tourist boards. New Mexico often sponsors trips to their state, and so does Texas. This is a fairly inexpensive way for them to advertise their state, as a sweepstakes and awarding trips is far cheaper than running expensive media buys.

When commercial sponsors run trips, they often have cosponsors contributing parts of the trip: A hotel chain may contribute the hotel stay, and an airline contributes the tickets. These companies are getting a lot of publicity for making a small donation to the prize pool, so it works for them.

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