Tips On Taxes And Sweepstakes Wins

Tax season is upon us, making this a good time to pass along relevant information about sweepstakes prize wins and taxes. Most of this information is targeted to US residents. Canadian sweepstakers abide by different laws, and I’ll give a few details on that as well. All sweepstakes wins are...

UK Competitions And Sweepstakes Scams

British and UK sweepstakes, giveaways and contests are generally called competitions, but the term means the same thing as a sweepstakes to the Brits. British sweepstakes lovers are enthusiastic about their competitions. And even though the UK has a far lower population than the United States, there are lots and lots of giveaways for UK residents to enter.

Canadian Sweepstakes And Contests

Many sweepstakes and contests open to those in the USA are also Canadian sweepstakes. Sponsors merchandising in both countries find it economical to run their giveaways for citizens on both sides of the border. The rules are different for the winners, and Canadians should take note. The tax laws in Canada actually favour you, as opposed to US sweepstakes and contest winners.