5 Secrets To Winning Recipe Contests

Entering contests is one of the best ways to increase your odds of winning a prize. For the uninitiated, a contest is very different from a sweepstakes because you are compelled to perform a task in order to enter. It may be a random draw, but you must enter a photo, essay, recipe or whatever the sponsor...

How To Shorten The Time You Spend Entering Sweepstakes

Entering to win sweepstakes and contests is a great hobby, but you’ll hear many people who would like to participate complaining they just don’t have the time. Of course, it does take time to enter sweepstakes no matter how efficient you are. But there are tricks you can employ to make the entry...

What To Do If You Did Not Receive Your Sweepstakes Prize

Not receiving prizes is a lot more stressful than you ever imagined for those who enter sweepstakes and contests. Sweepers put a lot of time and effort into winning, and non-receipt of prizes spoils everything. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re a prize winner, and wondering where your...

Entering Sweepstakes For Instant Cash?

Many people who enter sweepstakes and contests do so in the hope they can win instant cash and help put an end to a money problem. While the number of cash giveaways are abundant, entering sweepstakes with the expectation of ending money problems is unrealistic.
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