Do You Care What People Think Of Your Sweepstakes Hobby?

The word seems to be spreading “out there” that most sweepstakes and contests are legitimate and not “a scam” as generally believed years ago. Blame the popularity of social media for this. It seems that every large company has a fan page and is running a sweepstakes these days. When...

5 Secrets To Winning Recipe Contests

Entering contests is one of the best ways to increase your odds of winning a prize. For the uninitiated, a contest is very different from a sweepstakes because you are compelled to perform a task in order to enter. It may be a random draw, but you must enter a photo, essay, recipe or whatever the sponsor...

Twitter Sweepstakes Rules

Twitter sweepstakes rules are almost the same as regular sweepstakes, yet lots of people avoid Twitter sweepstakes and contests. This makes the odds of winning better for you.

Facebook Sweepstakes Rules

You may be wondering about how Facebook sweepstakes rules are different. Facebook sweepstakes are a very good thing if you are entering to win sweepstakes and contests. Even better if you own a local or online business, and need to increase traffic and public awareness.
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