It’s Illegal To Charge To Enter A Sweepstakes

No matter how big or small a company may be, it’s still illegal for for-profit companies to demand a purchase to enter a sweepstakes. Over the years, I have seen companies of all sizes violating this law, which falls under federal consumer trade law as administered by the FTC (Federal Trade...

Canadian Sweepstakes And Contests

Many sweepstakes and contests open to those in the USA are also Canadian sweepstakes. Sponsors merchandising in both countries find it economical to run their giveaways for citizens on both sides of the border. The rules are different for the winners, and Canadians should take note. The tax laws in Canada actually favour you, as opposed to US sweepstakes and contest winners.

Running A Charity Raffle Giveaway

If your organization is having funding problems, running a charity raffle could be a solution that will help your non-profit earn money to help itself and the community. Running charity raffles is legal in the USA for a non-profit organization — otherwise it's illegal to charge for raffle tickets.