Tolerating Sweepstakes and Contests Dry Spells

People enter sweepstakes and contests with high hopes of winning a new car, cash and family vacations. Little prizes keep them going, stoking their hopes for a really big one. But everybody who's been playing sweepstakes and contests for a while hits a dry spell when they can't even win a small prize. This is a real downer, and it takes professional fortitude to get through it.

Running Marketing Giveaways And Prize Fulfillment

If you are a businessperson running marketing giveaways to increase your sales and create brand awareness, shipping the product to your contest winner may be something you are concerned about.

Giveaway Items Should Be Your Products

If you're a business owner or merchant looking to run a contest or sweepstakes, the best giveaway items are things or services you sell. I have seen many companies running business giveaways doing the opposite: Buying merchandise as a prize, when customers would be happy and willing to receive what the company actually produces.

Our First Giveaway, Enter To Win!

This is our first site giveaway, and we’re excited to be giving away a $25 gift certificate to American Frame online stores, Yay! This sweepstakes is open to all 18+ and ends on August 15th, 2010 at midnight EST. Enter by signing up for the newsletter full of winning tips and links...