Websites Listing New Sweepstakes Today

There are new sweepstakes today and every day of the year that you can enter and win. The volume of sweepstakes and contests being run at all times is mind boggling, and it makes no sense to try and enter them all. The sites that list giveaways are specialists at making the experience a positive one for sweepers.

Who Won The Sweepstakes And Contests?

Sweepstakes and contests are supposed to have a winner, and the sweepstakes administration is supposed to make that info freely available. Using these few easy tips, you can easily find out who won — whether it's you or somebody you may know.

Email Addresses For Entering Sweepstakes And Contests

My approach is to not bother unsubscribing from newsletters or concerning myself at all with spam. You may need to be subscribed to a sponsors newsletter to win something from them, so stay subscribed. And there is a more effective way to sort the emails you want to see from the ones you can toss.

How To Spot Sweepstakes Scams

Your giveaway dream win can quickly turn into a major hassle if the email announcing you were a winner was actually one of the many sweepstakes scams trying targeting the gullible. Providing your private info to the scammers compounds the problem, and this is technically being “phished,” a victim of identity theft.